Roy Prayikulam

Roy Prayikulam

SVP Risk & Fraud Division at INFORM GmbH
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Bio Roy Prayikulam is SVP Risk & Fraud division at Inform, an internationally active optimization specialist based in Aachen, Germany. After graduating from RWTH Aachen University, he began his career in the field of financial crime prevention in 2009 at INFORM, where he has since held various roles, from Business Consultant to Project Manager to Head of Professional Services. Roy Prayikulam has extensive experience in complex IT integration projects for the financial sector, for example in the areas of acquiring, card issuing, internet banking and AML compliance.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Embracing Instant Payments: A New Era and Its Challenges for Fraud Fighters

12 Jul 2023

In the fast-paced world we live in today, the desire for instant gratification has created an increasing demand for real-time payments. This need puts a significant amount of pressure on all industries, particularly banking, where both consumers and merchants demand speed and immediacy. A recent report from Juniper Research reveals the sheer scale...


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Hybrid Artificial Intelligence - The Future of Effective Fraud Prevention

24 May 2023

To overcome increased risks from financial crime, fraud expert teams have long been working with AI-powered solutions. Without such tools, inspecting all financial transactions for possible criminal activity would not be possible. But not all solutions are equally effective. The future of fraud prevention lies in intelligently combined multichanne...

Trends in Financial Services


03 May 2022

2021 was a year of innovations in payments, from the wider acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrency to new forms of digital wallets and currency. However, this meant that online fraudsters were also innovating and devising new ways to scam consumers out of their money or personal information online. Here we will dive into some of the ways fraud...


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

AML/CTF monitoring - holistic approach and hybrid AI for higher hit rates

29 Sep 2021

For years, financial institutions have been using automated monitoring procedures to make their processes for detecting money laundering and terrorist financing as effective and efficient as possible. However, many of the solutions used still leave much to be desired in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Silo architectures, a lack of cross-dep...