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Penny Townsend

Checkout Payments Pages - They're Definitely Worth Checking Out

When it comes to designing your website, it's crucial that you make your checkout page as convenient, simple, and seamless to navigate as possible for your customers. After all, the checkout page is w...

26 Oct 2023
The Payments Business
Penny Townsend

Adding a surcharge fee: How to identify and capture untapped revenue

Over the last five years there has been a significant shift to digital across all business processes, not least accelerated by a global pandemic. The rollout across businesses and merchants is often p...

03 Oct 2023
Penny Townsend

Tackling PayFac: 3 Questions all ISVs and Developers Must Ask Themselves

As the broader economic landscape continues to challenge organizations and enterprises of all sizes, ISVs and developers must consider where there may be blindspots in their software. What are the opp...

10 May 2023
Penny Townsend

Platform as a Service: Not just another industry buzzword

Since the explosion of fintech over the last several years, the industry has been a breeding ground for buzzwords and acronyms. Terms like “BNPL”, “neobanks” and “open banking” showcase how the indust...

20 Sep 2022
Penny Townsend

Breaking Through The Noise: A Seamless Customer Experience is Key to Success

Processing payments is complicated. It’s even more so with outdated and disconnected software vendors and processes, keeping payment data fragmented and prolonging the challenge to incorporate, offer,...

06 Jul 2022
Embedded Finance
Penny Townsend

Empowering the Next Generation of Fintech’s Female Leaders

According to a recent McKinsey report, seventy-three percent of financial services C-suite executive positions are held by men. Within the payments industry specifically, gender diversity is even wor...

14 Apr 2022

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