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Luke Voiles

Building a lending business is hard. Here’s why most software companies shouldn’t do it.

Convenience has become table stakes now. In the past few years, especially since the onset of COVID, we’ve come to expect that what we need can be dropped on our doorstep with the click of a button. T...

24 Jul 2023
Donica Venter

The Benefits and Challenges of Adopting Embedded Finance

In our latest blog post, Traderoot CEO, Jan Ludik, digs into embedded finance and some of the benefits and challenges of adopting this innovative solution. Embedded finance is a rapidly growing tre...

07 Jul 2023
Joris Lochy

The Rise of Embedded Finance: How SaaS Companies Are Transforming into Niche Neo-Banks

In my blog post "The financial sector boundaries are blurring" (https://bankloch.blogspot.com/2022/11/the-financial-sector-boundaries-are.html) I explored the evolution where traditional fi...

06 Jul 2023
Ekmel Cilingir

Embedded Finance: Another Buzz Phrase or a Real Opportunity for the FinTech Sector?

The FinTech industry is picking up speed, and is changing our understanding about financial services and their uses in many fields. One of the reasons for this change is embedded finance. This technol...

06 Jul 2023
Rob Straathof

Why PSPs Should Partner with Embedded Finance Platforms for Tailored Financing Solutions

Payments lie at the intersection of commerce and the ever-expanding digital economy. For the Payment Service Providers (PSPs) that ply their trade in this dynamic space, there’s a unique opportunity t...

21 Jun 2023
Jamel Derdour

What's Next for Embedded Finance?

Embedded finance has been a buzzword in the financial industry for the past few years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. With the rise of technology, financial services are becoming increasingly i...

13 Jun 2023
Leon Gauhman

Smart Apple: Why Big Tech’s latest gambit on savings is a pivotal moment for embedded finance

If the traditional banking industry was waiting for a sign that Big Tech’s threat looms larger than ever, Apple’s launch of a game-changing savings account via Goldman Sachs may be it. With 4.15%

01 Jun 2023
Esteban Lopez

The Currency Revolution in Embedded Finance

Embedded finance, the placing of a financial product or service in a non-financial platform, is quickly changing the global economic landscape. According to Bain Capital, financial services embedded ...

25 May 2023
Rob Straathof

How Acquirers Are Offering Instant Funding Without Putting Their Balance Sheet at Risk

There’s an all-too-common scenario that pervades the payments landscape: acquirers blindly falling into a commodity trap. This unwanted outcome occurs when a financial institution that processes credi...

22 May 2023
Rob Straathof

Neobanks' 4-Click Instant Funding with Embedded Lending

There’s a portmanteau that perfectly describes the challenger banks that emerged from the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis: the fusion of neo and banks to create neobanks. The use of neo – another w...

25 Apr 2023

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