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Platform as a Service: Not just another industry buzzword

20 Sep 2022

Since the explosion of fintech over the last several years, the industry has been a breeding ground for buzzwords and acronyms. Terms like “BNPL”, “neobanks” and “open banking” showcase how the industry has evolved at a breakneck pace with new innovations emerging on a near daily basis. With so much transformation, it can be challenging to forecas...

Embedded Finance

Breaking Through The Noise: A Seamless Customer Experience is Key to Success

06 Jul 2022

Processing payments is complicated. It’s even more so with outdated and disconnected software vendors and processes, keeping payment data fragmented and prolonging the challenge to incorporate, offer, and support new payment options seamlessly. The outcome is that businesses struggle to update payment offerings and, alternatively, are faced with s...


Empowering the Next Generation of Fintech’s Female Leaders

14 Apr 2022

According to a recent McKinsey report, seventy-three percent of financial services C-suite executive positions are held by men. Within the payments industry specifically, gender diversity is even worse. The same study found that payments had the lowest share of female representation at the entry-level, manager, and senior-manager ranks. And repre...