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Sarah Jackson

Lenders: What’s the deal with data?

Consumer attitudes to data sharing are changing In this age of diminishing brand loyalty, the survival of consumer credit providers hinges on two things: their ability to differentiate and to exceed t...

09 Oct 2019
Sarah Jackson

Will real rates loan searches ever be available to the sub-prime market?

Let’s talk about representative APRs. Those enticing little percentages that influence a consumer’s decision to apply for one loan product over another. Far too often excitement turns to disappointmen...

26 Sep 2019
Sarah Jackson

Millennial myth busting: what do they really want from lenders?

Millennials, a generation of digital natives that grew up amid the fastest period of technological change in history are, according to new independent research, the age group least likely to borrow fr...

12 Jun 2019
Millennial Banking
Sarah Jackson

PSD2 and consumer credit: how will open banking impact the market for unsecured loans?

15 months after open banking launched in the UK, consumer understanding of what it means remains low. In January this year, research revealed that just 9% of British adults had used open banking servi...

01 Apr 2019
Open Banking
Sarah Jackson

Credit Chameleon: tuning in to changing attitudes

It is said that in time everything changes. Certainly, how most of us feel about borrowing money is likely to change, possibly many times, over the course of our lives. Lenders keen to secure repeat...

05 Nov 2018
Sarah Jackson

A risky business: why the mispricing of credit is a danger to us all

The mispricing of risk in consumer credit is a threat to all lenders, particularly those that lack flexibility, explains Sarah Jackson, Director, Equiniti Credit Services. Years of low interest rates ...

25 May 2018
Sarah Jackson

Turf Wars - Consumer attitudes towards established and alternative lenders

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Challenger banks are doing what their name suggests, and research indicates they are gaining ground. For established lenders, replicating the char...

09 Nov 2017
Sarah Jackson

How 'Hard Mark' Credit Checks are Quietly Costing Consumers

It is not unreasonable for consumers to assume that they should be able to assess their eligibility for a loan without damaging their future prospects. The majority of lenders perform hard credit chec...

24 Aug 2017
Sarah Jackson

Staying agile: The key to longevity for today’s challenger banks

Despite their fragmentation, challenger banks remain united in their need for operational agility. The term ‘challenger banks’ is fast becoming a misnomer, such is the level of diversity displayed by ...

25 May 2017
Banking Architecture
Sarah Jackson

Get Closure

New e-signature technology is helping dealerships close motor finance sales in minutes, gaining a competitive edge by enabling customers to drive away on the same day. The first half of 2017 is looki...

20 Mar 2017
Trends in Financial Services