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Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Director at Equiniti Credit Services
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Bio I'm a Director at Equiniti Credit Services, a leading provider of loan application, administration and collection software systems that enable extensive automation of business processes. Career History I have over ten years of experience in financial technology, working with software companies, national banks, and financial media.



Lenders: What’s the deal with data?

09 Oct 2019

Consumer attitudes to data sharing are changing In this age of diminishing brand loyalty, the survival of consumer credit providers hinges on two things: their ability to differentiate and to exceed their customer expectations. Data holds the key to both. Creditworthiness assessments are, of course, the starting point for lenders’ use of data. But...



Will real rates loan searches ever be available to the sub-prime market?

26 Sep 2019

Let’s talk about representative APRs. Those enticing little percentages that influence a consumer’s decision to apply for one loan product over another. Far too often excitement turns to disappointment when they get down to the fine print and discover that the headline percentage was too good to be true, usually after going through the extensive a...

Millennial Banking

Millennial myth busting: what do they really want from lenders?

12 Jun 2019

Millennials, a generation of digital natives that grew up amid the fastest period of technological change in history are, according to new independent research, the age group least likely to borrow from alternative digital lenders. According to recent findings, despite millennial borrowing increasing annually by a healthy 8%, three fifths of this a...


Open Banking

PSD2 and consumer credit: how will open banking impact the market for unsecured loans?

01 Apr 2019

15 months after open banking launched in the UK, consumer understanding of what it means remains low. In January this year, research revealed that just 9% of British adults had used open banking services, and less than a quarter (22%) had even heard of it. In fact, this is only part of the picture. Just because consumers do not recognise the terms ...