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Abhinav Paliwal

What is Conversational Banking?

Digital banking has done a great job making banking and financial services accessible to users at their fingertips. However, the shift from offline to online has led to a void of personalisation in

12 Jun 2021
Doug Gross

What can the financial services sector learn from the retail subscription service boom?

What can banks learn from the world of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) like razors or make-up? On the face of it, not much. But dig a little deeper and you quickly realise that the financial service...

06 Nov 2019
Jalpa Shah

Capturing The Millennial Market With Mobile Banking

For some segments of the population, mobile banking technology may still seem like a recent innovation. For younger generations, however – people considered “digital natives”, this generation has lit...

09 Jul 2019
Sarah Jackson

Millennial myth busting: what do they really want from lenders?

Millennials, a generation of digital natives that grew up amid the fastest period of technological change in history are, according to new independent research, the age group least likely to borrow fr...

12 Jun 2019
Chris Principe

Ben You Did It Again

$100 Ben, You Did It Again! One of my favorite American historical personalities is Ben Franklin, born 1706 and died 1790. Yes, Ben is known as a leader for liberty, a politician, an inventor, scienti...

18 Mar 2019
Damien Cabadi

How to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value of an Asset Management client?

Some Fintech startups are betting on the growing Assets Under Management (AUM) of millennials. Among them, you will find robo-advisors, micro-saving applications and trading platforms for self-directe...

12 Mar 2019
René Haeberlin

Mobile innovation: The new battleground for financial services differentiation

A simple truth Today’s millennial banking customers (born between 1980 and 1996) are masters of the smartphone; accustomed to running their lives, and certainly their money matters, on the go. Throug

12 Oct 2018
Amrik Sanghera

Wealth Management Challenges in 2020: Client Retention in the Digital Age

There is a growing awareness in wealth management circles concerning the need for wealth managers and financial advisors to preserve the investment assets that they currently manage, as they are pass

15 Aug 2018
Retired Member

5 Ways to Improve Employee Experience and Engage Millennials

How to evolve and develop the ideal workplace for today and tomorrow Every generation has different expectations about what constitutes a good employee experience. In a landscape where specific tech

01 Aug 2018
Retired Member

Cybercrime for the young is on the rise - how can banks help?

The typical cybercrime victim may not be what they seem. You may initially picture an elderly person, possibly living alone and not very confident when it comes to technology or being able to spot a s...

21 May 2018

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