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Pat Carroll

Target breach is bad news for the industry

Once again we are sadly reminded of the vulnerability of businesses to data breaches, and we are left with 40 million customers fearing that their credit cards will be hijacked by fraudsters just in t...

30 Dec 2013
Innovation in Financial Services
Robert Siciliano

Debit cards: signature or PIN what's what?

What kind of debit card do you have? The two types are direct debit cards and deferred debit cards. Direct debit Use of a PIN (personal identification number), which the bank issues or you choose. Ca...

28 Dec 2013
Retired Member

The War On EMV - part 2

OMG ... it is Christmas Eve and we have another charlatan's friend EMV 'expert' claiming that EMV is not the answer to Target data breach in the following article

25 Dec 2013
Retired Member

The War On EMV

Will the EMV technology based payments be rolled out in the US in the next couple of years? I do not know for sure, but I hope they will and strongly believe that they should. There is clear push by t...

21 Dec 2013
Retired Member

What does US interchange ruling mean for retailers?

The US District Court’s ruling to accept a one-off settlement from Visa and MasterCard to merchants over credit card interchange fee overcharges in the United States means that no interchange cap has...

16 Dec 2013
Retired Member

Is HCE an enemy of NFC?

In recent months, since Google has announced the support for Host Card Emulation (HCE) in their latest Android 4.4 KitKat, we have seen a barage of articles and analyses (some in very reputable public...

09 Dec 2013
Retired Member

New Benefits System and Financial Exclusion

Residents without bank accounts at risk of arrears under new benefits system Universal credit will be pa...

05 Dec 2013
Andre Malinowski

SEPA is coming to town

SEPA, the so called Single Euro Payments Area, is a combined effort of the EU governments, the European Commission and the European Central Bank to create one integrated payments market across Europe ...

04 Dec 2013
Retired Member

A cashless society - be careful what you wish for

RBS customers suffered a systems meltdown on Monday evening as millions of customers of RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank were left unable to make payments with their credit & debit cards Of course, t...

03 Dec 2013
Retired Member

Paperless direct debits

Paperless direct debits to help landlord maximise income through Universal Credit November 7, 2013 In a bid to maximise its income collection ahead of Universal Credit, 10,000-home North Lincolnshire ...

23 Nov 2013
Private Equity Investing in Financial Technology
Retired Member

Prepaid cards: a maturing market?

It seems that there are over 100 million ‘selfies’ (people posting pictures of themselves) on instagram – a trend that is continuing to rise. The prepaid card is also growing with its own version of t...

20 Nov 2013
Lee Britton

Remittance system must evolve to match growing workforce

Payments home by overseas workers reached a staggering $534 billion (£358.7 billion) last year and look set to top $685 billion (£460.1 billion) by 2015, according to the World Bank. With such a vast ...

18 Nov 2013