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A Bank in Every Ear,Pocket,NightStand,Dashboard

I shot an arrow into the air
It fell to earth so I went there.
Unfamiliar was one decaying store
Compared to the robustness of the neighborhood.

Moving closer to that dormant spot
I smelled not gourmet coffees brewing,
Played not wild videos,
Filled not my gas tank,
Stuffed not on fat food,
Strained not on body toning machines,
Bought not a miracle skin cream or pill.

What is this unused place among busy purveyors?
Then faint memory clicked on
Thanks to a leftover sign stating
"drive-up is for customers only."
Hark, It's a branch from the days of in-your-face

Which 20-somethings find no use for
And thus became the fifth in a series of,
When 2-over-prime doesn't work anymore
1. Create a package containing names unknown
Derived from what? I wondered as did others
2. Sub-prime that should have been labeled no-pay-back
3. Securitization of things that only Vegas would roll on
4. Collateralized Debt Obligations whose fine print offered risk but with high returns.

The Fed approved it all; the greedy bought in; some Wall Street vendors failed.
But the public was protected, for Government sent lifesavers to the rescue,
Even though some would argue Gov was broke itself with $17 tril in debt.
Later, even foreclosures failed at what they do, but gained the #1 spot in the oops department.

Although 20-something paradigms are not for me
They showed indeed they had possessed the vision which
Many last men standing are still clinging to:
Outlets whose usefulness has passed.
And the winner is..... May I have the mobile please?


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