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Bio Zennon Kapron is the founder and director of Kapronasia. Kapronasia provides research, consulting, sales, and marketing services to technology companies doing business in the Asia Pacific financial services industry. Career History Before Kapronasia, Zennon was the global banking industry manager for Intel based out of Shanghai. Prior to Intel he was the CIO for Citigroup Portugal.


Future Finance

What Apple Pay means for China

18 Sep 2014

The launch of Apple Pay will likely have a profound impact on the payments industry in the US and potentially Europe, but what does it mean for China? A big bite or a small one? After Apple's launch annoucement of Apple Pay in early September, speculation was rife as to what the business model would look like and how Apple and the other players in ...



China Bitcoin Exchanges 2.0

24 Jul 2014

Seven months after the PBOC's crackdown on bitcoin exchanges in China and we're seeing a resurgence in talk about what Chinese bitcoin exchanges are doing and where they are going. While accusations of falsifying trading data and questions about bitcoin's future in China still abound, China's bitcoin exchanges want to move on and forget the past, ...

Future Finance

Why you should watch China's banking industry in 2014

16 Jan 2014

For decades, China has been known as the imitator and not the innovator. The argument goes that the West came up with social networking, mobile payments, group-buying, etc. and China imitated it, sometimes better, sometimes worse. C2C – copy to China. R&D – rob and duplicate. There are numerous terms to describe it. After living in China for ...

Asia Financial Services

Insurance companies to kick-start Shanghai Stock Exchange?

10 Jan 2014

The Shanghai Stock Exchange has been in the doldrums for the past couple of years and was the worst performing Asian exchange of 2013. Dismal performance and increasing questions about the transparency and 'fairness' of the mainland's largest market, have virtually erased the optimism that drove the market to record setting heights in the early 20...

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