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Akshaya Chandra

A new year resolution!

2021 has been a turning point, for several reasons. It has showed that human resolve, Innovation and medical advancements can do for the collective good. From extreme weather, to fighting the unknown ...

31 Dec 2021
Sustainable compliance
Louisa Murray

2021 - That was the year that was

It would have been great to say, well at least this year we saw the end of the pandemic. As I write this, we have more reasons to be optimistic that we are closer to the end, but we are still going to...

31 Dec 2021
Fintech World
A Finextra Member

Virtual Real Estate NFT | Predecessor Of Metaverse

Virtual real estate NFT is forever changing the way we view digital assets. As technology evolves alongside society, every aspect of life shifts to the virtual space. Typically physical events like w

31 Dec 2021
Digital Asset Class (DAC)
Bob Dowd

Fintech Surge Expected to Continue in 2022 within the Payments Industry

The global B2B payments landscape has undergone a metamorphosis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, beyond a predictable decline in cash usage and shifting preferences towards electronic and e-comme...

30 Dec 2021
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Karol Stepien

5 FinTech trends for 2022

The FinTech industry has grown steadily in the past decade, but the past year has arguably seen more innovation in the sector than ever before. For a start, global funding for FinTech exceeded that of...

30 Dec 2021
Alex Kwiatkowski

Looking at banking through the windscreen - the trends affecting the industry in 2022

Looking at banking through the windscreen – the trends affecting the industry in 2022 My car is currently having its windscreen (windshield) replaced. I’m sat on an uncomfortable chair in a small wait...

30 Dec 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Tristan Hinsley

Cyber Attacks and Credit Unions

Just as we wrote about the Top 5 Cyber Attacks in the Aviation Industry, credit unions have faced similar issues as the target of dedicated cyber criminals. In a recent blog post, we talked about th...

29 Dec 2021
Information Security
Inna Demchenko

Open banking. New opportunities for the financial market of Ukraine

Open banking. New opportunities for the financial market of Ukraine. Open banking, which will be fully operational in Ukraine in 2025, will launch a new phase in the functioning of the financial marke...

29 Dec 2021
Konstantin Rabin

The importance of organic search traffic for Fintech products

Financial institutions, like so many others, must adopt digital strategies if they are to remain competitive in today's market. SEO is one of the most critical components of any approach, and the adva...

29 Dec 2021
Amita Choudhary

Increase Wealth with Data Analytics

Big corporations that started from nothing and experienced expansion beyond their wildest belief used data analytics to get them there. Everything you could need to expand your business is in the data...

29 Dec 2021
Business Knowledge for IT
Andrei Karpushonak

Machine Learning use cases in finance

Does WALL-E use Machine Learning for voice recognition? Before becoming a software engineer, our university president spoke before graduating students during my college time. After many years, I stil

28 Dec 2021
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Paul Shumsky

2022 Fintech Market Forecast

2021 remained resilient for Fintechs even despite the continued pandemic vulnerabilities. Moreover, there was a significant growth of the venture investments in Q3 and Q4 across many regions. Vertical...

27 Dec 2021
Digital Banking Trends

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