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This community aims to provide links, resources, book suggestions, tips and insights to facilitate learning and development of IT professionals in financial services, and to develop a forum for IT professionals to exchange views on various related items.

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Victor Martin

Covered Calls and Dividend Stocks: A Winning Combination?

Covered calls and dividend stocks are two investment strategies that have captured the attention of savvy investors around the world. Covered calls allow investors to potentially generate additional i...

24 Aug 2023
Victor Martin


AI, nowadays, is dominating several fields of human life, including healthcare, automation, education, and business. People are now incorporating AI into their daily lives to perform routine jobs beca...

31 Jul 2023
Victor Martin

The Intersection of Cybersecurity and Finance: ERC Scams

In recent times, the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) has emerged as a significant lifeline for businesses navigating the economic fallout from the pandemic. As a provision of the CARES Act, and later ...

26 Jul 2023
Victor Martin

Balancing Convenience and Security in Fintech

In the fast-paced world of fintech, balancing convenience and security is crucial to providing a seamless user experience while keeping sensitive data safe. Zero trust principles offer a new way to ap...

12 Apr 2023
Victor Martin

Why is Node.js the Top Choice for Building Enterprise-Grade Web Applications?

Javascript has left no stone unturned when providing technological advancements in the digital world. The scripting programming language has drastically changed the web app development genre with its ...

29 Mar 2023
Amay Barange

Making an Impact: IoT and Machine Learning in Business

Two is better than one, isn’t it? This is undoubtedly true in the case of IoT and machine learning. These two most popular and trending technologies are offering a solid growth system for companies if...

22 Mar 2023
Toby Mankertz

The 2023 talent arms race continues: Three essentials to address the IT consultancy skills gap

As the skills-first labour market continues, recruitment, retainment, and the need to accelerate digital transformation projects are high on the radar for IT leaders in 2023. Many IT consultancy firms...

20 Mar 2023
Vikas Agarwal

The MERN Stack: The Future of Business Application Development

Building business applications with the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js) can be challenging. Still, it can be done successfully with the right planning, development approach, an...

16 Mar 2023
Victor Martin

How Much Does it Cost to Build an E-commerce App?

The mobile commerce industry is rapidly growing and presents a significant market opportunity for those interested in developing a mobile commerce app. With the right approach, there is great potentia...

22 Feb 2023
Victor Martin

How to Boost Security for Enterprise Web Apps?

Security concerns remain an integral part of the enterprise ecosystem in our digital age of exponentially growing web and mobile applications. Web apps playing a vital role in ensuring a seamless cust...

14 Feb 2023

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