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This community aims to provide links, resources, book suggestions, tips and insights to facilitate learning and development of IT professionals in financial services, and to develop a forum for IT professionals to exchange views on various related items.

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Alex Golbin

Due Diligence 2.O: How Vendor Risk Assessment Will Evolve

Increasing focus on vendor due diligence has put significant pressure on financial institutions and vendors alike. The challenge comes into focus when we think about the macro implications. There ar...

02 Dec 2019
Alex Golbin

Shadow IT - Is it Good or Bad Cholesterol?

“Shadow IT” remains one of the most hotly debated topics in technology. Is it okay for the business to directly consume technology services outside of Technology organization? The answer is nuanced. I...

04 Oct 2019
Yahya Mohamed Mao

Cloud Computing - The Basics

Cloud computing is undoubtly the promise of having a modern and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure without the need for substantial capital investments and personnel increases. The possibility of impr...

25 Sep 2019
Harbinder Kang

How to shift left: Four tips to change team culture

As the “shift-left” mindset begins to take hold, it is important to remember that embedding key technical practices earlier in the delivery pipeline will only deliver value if all teams are prepared a...

06 Aug 2019
Huzefa Cutlerywala

BA Center of Excellence - its significance in Service delivery model.

As per PMI Guide, 2015, Business Analysis is defined as - Determine problems and identify business needs; Identify and recommend viable solutions to meet those needs; Elicit, document and manage stak...

22 May 2019
Jussi Karjalainen

Make or Buy: Could smart procurement offer member value creation in superannuation?

Australia remains one of a relatively small number of countries with compulsory superannuation; the measures put in place by the Australian Government, backed by tax benefits, to ensure citizens save ...

22 Mar 2019
Breana Patel

Building An Agile Risk Management Function- Chief Risk Officer Soubhagya Parija and Breana Patel

At Bonova Advisory we interview Industry Thought Leaders, C-suite from large firms and Influencers on a variety of topics pertaining to Risk, Regulation, Corporate Governance and Digital Innovations. ...

10 Jan 2019
Retired Member

How Technology Needs Will Differ For Different Businesses

If you own a business, you will likely have computer systems that are helping you manage all your daily operations. Some of the programs are specifically designed to handle accounting related issues, ...

25 Dec 2018
Arunachalam N

Know Your Transactions - KYT

Many of us have heard about KYC (Know Your Customers) while opening bank account, Insurance Policy, Investments and Pension Schemes. Bank insist on process to know about the customer before onboa

17 Dec 2018
Breana Patel

Digitizing Stress Testing

Running the stress tests now required of banks is tedious and expensive. But by digitizing — already common in other areas of banking — the quality of operations can be improved and cost savings int

29 Aug 2018