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Salabh Kumar

Create your own AWS Health Dashboard

The AWS Health Dashboard is the single place to learn about the availability and operations of AWS services. You can view the overall status of AWS services, and you can sign in to view personalized c...

09 Sep 2022
Joris Lochy

Bring order to the Fintech chaos

The word "Fintech" has become such a hype and such a widely used term, that it can actually mean anything today. Therefore when people ask for trends in the Fintech industry, this becomes ha...

06 Sep 2022
Inna Demchenko

What is independent Ukraine’s achievements?

In August, Ukraine celebrates the 31st anniversary of its independence, and although this year we are forced to fight for sovereignty, every Ukrainian is confidently holding his front, making a daily ...

31 Aug 2022
Alexander Morsakov

How to get through challenging times by applying principles from ancient stoic philosophy

„Be like the cliff against which the waves continually break; but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it.“ — Marcus Aurelius The FinTech industry is experiencing some difficult times...

03 Aug 2022
Louisa Murray

How embedded finance is helping brands reimagine the point of payment

People’s favourite brands are the ones that they create experiences with, such as the football team they have a season ticket with, or their favourite band that they see live every time they tour. How...

17 May 2022
Salabh Kumar

DevOps Vs NoOps

Technical and business requirements are challenging and IT service is becoming more and more complex. This is the reason that the delivery is so important and why we need to orchestrate the whole proc...

02 May 2022
Abhimanyu Toor

Unlocking fintech in emerging markets: 3 funding bottlenecks

Fintech investment and innovation in emerging markets has long been trending upwards, but 2021 was the year it exploded. African fintech broke the $1 billion funding barrier, a feat that the rest of ...

21 Apr 2022
Povilas Ruzgaila

Lithuanian FinTech Industry: An Undiscovered Rough Diamond

Only those who work consistently achieve the highest goals, and with consistency comes clear results. The Lithuanian fintech sector, which continues to maintain regular growth, is close to this approa...

05 Apr 2022
Salabh Kumar

Big Data Architecture on Cloud

What is data pipeline? A data pipeline consists of a sequence of processes for processing data. The data is ingested at the beginning of the pipeline if it has not yet been loaded into the data platfo...

20 Mar 2022
Aman Behzad

Indonesian fintech’s spectacular 2021 is just the beginning

Following years of steady funding growth, 2021 was the year that Indonesian fintech exploded. This year saw Southeast Asia's largest economy attract fintech venture inflows of over $1 billion, mintin...

12 Jan 2022

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