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Louisa Murray

COO Europe at Railsbank
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Fintech World

How embedded finance is helping brands reimagine the point of payment

17 May 2022

People’s favourite brands are the ones that they create experiences with, such as the football team they have a season ticket with, or their favourite band that they see live every time they tour. However, despite these potent brands winning people’s hearts and minds, their day-to-day purchases and interactions are still the preserve of brands tha...

Fintech World

2021 - That was the year that was

31 Dec 2021

It would have been great to say, well at least this year we saw the end of the pandemic. As I write this, we have more reasons to be optimistic that we are closer to the end, but we are still going to have some tough months ahead thanks to the latest variant. Covid-19 has been overlooking our shoulders throughout the year and dictated how we have w...

Open Banking

Celebrating fintech’s role at the heart of the new normal

20 Aug 2021

Innovate Finance has launched a new forum to explore the potential of fintech to create a more inclusive and sustainable world. What good timing - fintech has performed impressively amidst the pandemic and will have a crucial role to play as restrictions are lifted and we settle into our ‘new normal’. It’s origins go back to the creation of peer-...

Open Banking

Embedded finance and 'DIY wealth management' can drive a more equitable digital economy

01 Jun 2021

Discussions around mental health and wellbeing have been thrust into the spotlight lately, and with good reason when you consider the impact of repeated lockdowns and the economic chaos introduced by COVID-19. Managing your money appropriately is undoubtedly a significant source of stress in these strange times. A recent study by Metro’s ‘Mentally ...