Amita Choudhary

Amita Choudhary

Marketing Manager at Princeton Growth Accelerator
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Bio Currently I'm working for where we help Growth Stage Startups to Accelerate faster by providing an environment and resources like Fund, Mentorship, co-working space, Networking and Supporting Services. My job is to provide marketing advice, development of tailored strategies to help startups to provide them co-working space within their budget, and implementation of plans - turning them into action. Career History I've ten years of experience in marketing research and strategy development, promotional campaign management, lead generation, hiring, staffing email marketing and networking.



Call Center Industry Philippines: Fintech Outsourcing Capital of the World

7 h

Fintech is currently one of the major growth areas for call centers in the Philippines. The model of many fintech operators is lean; the focus is on the technology and offering their customers finessed front-end applications that cater to most of their needs. However, wherever there are customers, there is always the possibility they will need su

Personal Finance

Building Credit for Your Small Business

30 Jan 2021

Your credit score is one of the many numbers that can have a direct impact on whether or not your business will succeed for the next five years. This includes both your personal credit score and the credit score of your business, both of which need to be cultivated if you want to boost the amount of credit you have available. And that’s a good goa...

Post-Trade Forum

How Backtesting Can Change Your Entire Trading Strategy

18 Jan 2021

While backtesting often gets ignored by beginner traders, it’s a very viable approach that can produce unexpected results when applied correctly. Of course, it’s not a magic wand that can automatically solve all problems you’re having in your current trading situation, but it can significantly improve your chances for the future. This is especiall...

Business Knowledge for IT

How Technology Continues to Revolutionize the Car Buying Experience

15 Dec 2020

Among the many sectors that have been affected by recent advancements in technology, the market for cars is one of the most notable. This is valid for both used and new vehicles alike, and we have seen a lot of growth on this front in recent years that has pushed some businesses to reevaluate their approach, while it has also opened the eyes of so...