Amita Choudhary

Amita Choudhary

Marketing Manager at Princeton Growth Accelerator
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Bio Currently I'm working for where we help Growth Stage Startups to Accelerate faster by providing an environment and resources like Fund, Mentorship, co-working space, Networking and Supporting Services. My job is to provide marketing advice, development of tailored strategies to help startups to provide them co-working space within their budget, and implementation of plans - turning them into action. Career History I've ten years of experience in marketing research and strategy development, promotional campaign management, lead generation, hiring, staffing email marketing and networking.


Personal Finance

Millennials Buying Businesses So That Boomers Can Retire Is a Growing Trend

09 Apr 2022

As more and more baby boomers start approaching their retirement age, many wonder what will happen to their business if they decide to retire. Especially if their kids have chosen different careers and didn't want to continue running a family business. Baby Boomers are part of the generation that grew up and lived through the 50s, 60s, and 70s —


How Predictive Analytics Is Affecting Cybercrime

11 Mar 2022

In the world of cybercrime, AI is helping to reduce the risk of crime and is making life a lot easier for those trying to stop these attacks. Predictive analytics can be used as an added form of security to help ward off sophisticated cyber-attacks by companies with a limited amount of security measures at hand. Predictive modeling is a type of da...

Finance 2.0

Is Your Company Overdue for Offering Health Insurance?

18 Feb 2022

The complexity involved in being a new business owner is a huge challenge. There is just too much to keep in mind, and it’s natural for some things to slip between the cracks because you and your management team were busy dealing with more immediate crises. One issue that may escape attention is health insurance and other employee benefits, which ...

Financial Inclusion

International Money Transfer Services – 2021 Recap and Future Predictions

03 Feb 2022

The global COVID pandemic has propelled payments, and specifically online and contactless transactions, into new highs. Based on McKinsey’s Global Payment Report for 2021, a “V shaped recovery” was witnessed in international money transfers after a relatively muted volume of transactions in 2020. McKinsey’s report estimates a 7% p.a. growth in gl...