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Hirander Misra

HyFi will Eradicate CeFi and DeFi silos to make digital assets interoperable

It is increasingly clear that Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) will need to intersect within a regulated environment and support the convergence of traditional and digital a...

29 Nov 2021
Hirander Misra

Powered by Ledgers: How Exchange 4.0 will Digitally Transform Financial Market Infrastructure

The move to Exchange 4.0 is well underway, with profound implications for financial markets. Forward-thinking firms are already positioning themselves for a DLT-fuelled future. But behind the buzzwor...

06 Sep 2021
Hirander Misra

The UK still has a chance to be a digital finance pioneer post-Brexit, but will we seize it?

I have co-authored this article with Sean Kiernan, CEO of Greengage (previously DAG Global). What will Britain’s role be as a financial innovation centre, post-Brexit? Our economy depends on it, yet o...

01 Jun 2021
Hirander Misra

The Crypto Asset road from Analogue to Digital with Exchange 4.0

Exchanges today mirror the Internet networks of yesterday; they are siloed therefore lacking interconnection and are focused on a subset of assets. This fragmentation has been exacerbated, with the ad...

29 Mar 2021
Hirander Misra

Can Seychelles be the FinTech Wakanda?

There are numerous initiatives underway in Seychelles to foster innovation in FinTech, including digital assets and services. We explore what that means in a regional context in relation to future dev...

05 Oct 2020
Barbara Matthews

Digital Dollar and Stablecoin Policy Moves Forward

Throughout the week, steady low level activity has been visible regarding digital currencies globally. It's only Tuesday, but the cross-border public policy arena has suddenly become much more welcom...

25 Mar 2020
Barbara Matthews

Crypto Data From Asia -- OECD Report Signals Expanding Regulatory Perimeter

This morning, while evaluating official activity over the last 24 hours globally regarding cryptocurrency and FinTech regulation, this speech in Malaysia caught our attention. The speech highlighted ...

11 Dec 2019
Romal Almazo

Peering into Facebook’s future - The WeChat of the Wild West?

Libra: the African blueprint and a long-term strategic play? Many might rightly argue that Libra is a strategic move by Facebook to help shore up its long-term survival and relevance. Mark Zuckerberg'...

07 Jul 2019
Barbara Matthews

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Regulation Proposals

The regulatory perimeter regarding crypto-assets continues to expand. The latest move comes from the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) which released for comment on 28 May ...

30 May 2019
Romal Almazo

OTC Crypto Market - at a glance

Over the Counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Here’s how it works, who the major players are, and its general pros and cons. OTC market size In April...

06 Feb 2019

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