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Konstantin Rabin

Head of Marketing at Kontomatik
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Bio Konstantin has taken part in various projects in the European financial industry for the last 4 years. Currently Konstantin is heading marketing at KontoX - a European developer of bank API. In addition to this, Konstantin often publishes articles on finance and technology on key industry websites.



Despite Scandals and Issues, Bitcoin Rallies – Are Bitcoin Whales and Bitcoin Maximalists the Explan

01 Feb 2023

Bitcoin has had a difficult year but seems to be ending 2022 on a positive note. Are whales and maximalists the reason why? Find out here. The world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency can seem confusing and highly technical to the layman. It’s full of industry jargon and complex terminology that make it appear impenetrable and reserved for only the most...


Open Banking and NeoBanking - Fintech Trends For 2023

31 Jan 2023

2022 was revolutionary for the financial industry. Changes happened in a good way as the qualities and diversity of available services improved significantly. Because of huge development, it is considered that the fintech industry will not be the same anymore in 2023. There will be much innovation and aspiration to top quality services in differen...


The growth projections of online trading in Africa

13 Jan 2023

Cryptos are becoming super popular worldwide, and the African region is no exception. Countries like South Africa and Kenya are adapting to cryptocurrencies so fast that their governments have a hard time catching up and properly regulating the market. Combine trading with cryptos, and we have a whole new sector of online trading that promises pro...


Current VS Future Trends Of Payment Methods In iGaming

06 Jan 2023

The iGaming industry continues to grow more and more. Why do we think like that? Because the iGaming industry has experienced rapid growth in its total worth over the past two years. In 2020, the global iGaming market was valued at $53 billion and reached approximately $94 billion in 2022. With more players entering into this space each day, it is...

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