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Konstantin Rabin

Head of Marketing at Kontomatik
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Bio Konstantin has taken part in various projects in the European financial industry for the last 4 years. Currently Konstantin is heading marketing at KontoX - a European developer of bank API. In addition to this, Konstantin often publishes articles on finance and technology on key industry websites.


Asia Financial Services

Miaozhen System publishes China’s updated digital marketing ecosystem map

11 Dec 2019

Digital Marketing is expected to rise by 17% percent in the US, with the ad spend of up to $334 billion. In China, this percentage is even higher, with the expected growth being 22%. The industry is definitely growing and will probably outshine tradition marketing pretty soon, but what is interesting about this phenomenon is that according to the ...


China is on a mission to regulate Fintech

22 Nov 2019

China has now publicly voiced its desire to be the leading country in financial technology development and adoption. The president of the republic openly called for the promotion of blockchain technology across the nation and proceeded to block all the negative opinions about blockchain throughout the Chinese cyberspace. But now the Chinese govern...


ESMA introduces TC-CCP classification system - Another move to block risky trades?

15 Nov 2019

The European Securities and Markets Authority has introduced a new system that will classify Third Country Central Counterparties according to tiers. The tiers will be assigned to the CCPs according to their roles with a member state. What this means is that if, for example, South Africa continues its crucial fruit trade with the Netherlands, it w...

Financial Inclusion

Kenya adopts a data protection law to bolster tech investments

14 Nov 2019

Kenya just took a big step towards its tech development. On November 8th Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta approved a data protection law that complies with European Union legal standards. This will finally allow Kenya to embrace its full potential when it comes to tech innovations and startups and to attract more investments in its information tec...

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