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Ainsley Ward

Ainsley Ward

Vice President, Payments Solutions at CGI
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Bio Executive Leader solving the Payments Modernization conundrum; Vice President, Payments Solutions at CGI; Consultant; Speaker; Writer; Innovator; Accelerator; Archer Career History See for more. Any views and opinions that I express on this site are purely my own and do not represent the views of my employers present or past.


Trends in Financial Services


06 Jun 2016

I was reading an article a few days ago on the plateau of ebook reader sales and the slow retreat back to paper (here), and of course this lead my thoughts back to our own industry – particularly the nonsensical cheque lobbyists. However, does this harking back to a bygone era of paper banking reveal a bad case of Technodazzle in our industry? Tec...


Let's all go rob a bank

23 Dec 2015

If I walk into a shop, pick up any item and then walk out again, the chances are that store security will stop me and I'll probably end up in court pretty soon. Likewise if I walked into a bank branch and demanded all the cash, it's likely my face will end up on Crimewatch UK and the court will beckon. So I won't try either of those crimes (even i...


Belgium's Banks give Maestro borders

10 Nov 2010

A press release by FEBELFIN (Belgian financial services association) yesterday (here in Dutch) states that from 17 Jan 2011 Belgian Maestro cards can no longer be used outside of continental Europe. Today I received a letter from my bank confirming the announcement and blaming it on the need to 'protect my transactions from fraud'. Essentially thi...



European Union can see into the future...

22 Jan 2010

Just tracking a press release on the Europa portal and saw that they are releasing press releases in the future... The link takes you to a press release on the Spanish Presidency site that will be published some time in February! Spooky :-)

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