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Bio I'm responsible for editorial content and quality control across the full range of Finextra media. Career History Started out as deputy editor of International Correspondent Banker back in the late 1980s. Moved on to Banking Technology magazine, where I spent five years as editor. Founded, published and edited The Sibos Daily News - the first show daily in the financial technology markets. Freelanced for awhile



Tokyo fires blunt arrowhead

08 Jan 2010

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has spent $140 million on the development of arrowhead, a new 'super-fast' trading platform that processes trades in five milliseconds, approximately 600 times faster than its legacy predecessor. The TSE may have hauled itself into the 21st century with the upgrade, but it already appears to have been left in the starting b...



Thomson Reuters logo goes down the pan

16 Nov 2009

Credit to Reuters' blogger Felix Salmon for picking this one up from the Post Secrets blog. The secret story of Thomson Reuters new logo, as told by a disaffected design team member:


Bloomberg help desk saves balloon boy

22 Oct 2009

A heart-warming story currently doing the rounds in financial circles. A trader at Natixis Bleichroeder Capital Management was apparently so distraught at the unfolding boy-in-the-balloon saga that he called the Bloomberg help desk to vent his feelings. The exchange was first posted by Chris Rovzar of the daily Intel, who says the desk jockey in q...



The magstripe is finished

23 Jun 2009

Police in Devon and Cornwall are warning the public to be extra-vigilant after discovering three card skimming devices at cash machines in the south of England. It's a mark of how far we've come that such a scam - which duped hundreds of customers and may have netted the crooks hundreds of thousands of pounds - seems too mundane to even register on...