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The future of fintech: Money2020 v BAI Retail Delivery

18 Nov 2014

Anyone who spent the last fortnight at these two events will have been struck by the growing divide in the fintech industry: between old and new, physical and digital, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Money20/20 has ridden, and driven, the fintech wave to become a monster. In just three years it has grown to such an extent that many of the 7500 dele...


Innovation in Financial Services

Wonga bad, Zopa good?

06 Jun 2012

The name Wonga rarely appears in the media (Finextra included) these days without the accompanying adjective 'controversial'. Contrast the perception of the company with that of another innovative, technology-reliant online alternative to traditional lenders; Zopa. Far from 'controversial', the latter is often held up as a model for the future of ...


Cringeworthy marketing gallery


21 May 2012

That was the verdict of comedian Al Murray, on Twitter, when Metro Bank made a song-and-dance to celebrate the opening of its 12th branch this weekend in Chiswick. 'I have actually crossed the road to avoid the toe curling god awful pisspoor balloon waving music blaring launch of my local Metro bank' said Murray on Friday before sharing a picture ...



EBAday: a single migration end-date for Sepa?

16 Jun 2011

For the first time in a long time Sepa hasn't really dominated EBAday. Finally, it seems, we're nearly there on migration end-dates and can start concentrating on other matters. The EC's Michael Thom told delegates at the migration session that the commission is now ready to get down to negotiations with the European Parliament and an agreement sho...