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A place to share stuff that isn't at all fintec related but is amusing, absurd or scary.

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Amy T

Getting Started with Crypto Trading: A Brief Overview

Cryptocurrencies are all around us, and the market is hotter than ever. And there are many reasons to believe that this situation will continue in pretty much the same way in the near future. Not only...

16 Aug 2019
Amy T

The Most Attractive Side Jobs for Extra Income Right Now

Looking to earn some extra cash on top of what you’re getting at the moment? You’re not alone – pretty much everyone is always on the lookout for that special side gig that can keep their income nicel...

03 Aug 2019
Amy T

The Major Impact of Big Data and Advanced Analytics on Call Centers

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology keeps evolving, we’ve started to see its effects on many different industries across the world. Call centers were expected to be among the main affected busi...

17 Jun 2019
Amy T

Can Bots Increase Sales of Your eCommerce?

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise on social media, for websites and eCommerce. But is it the right implementation for webshops or just a waste of time and money? There are many ways to improve th...

14 Jun 2019
Amy T

Funding Options To Raise Startup Capital For Your Business

When it comes to beginning your business, the first obstacle to succeeding is usually your startup capital. In spite of the joy that follows a bright business idea, the chances of success can be slim ...

15 May 2019
Shailendra Malik

Amazon, Project Kuiper and Space Race 2

As Amazon’s mothership arrives (on paper), the current systems existing in the space suddenly start looking smaller by a far distance. SpaceX had similar designs, but they were doing it under the gui

13 Apr 2019
Amy T

How to Take Full Advantage of Social Media for Your Startup

Social media is everywhere, and there’s a good reason for all the hype. It’s not just a convenient feature in our everyday lives, but a very useful tool for companies who want to gain extra exposure f...

02 Apr 2019
Anna Kuzmina

Women in fintech?

Recently I got invited to the event named this way. It is not the first time I hear such names or topics, but I guess I blacked it out of memory. It disturbs me deeply. “Women in fintech” sounds jus

09 Mar 2019
Amy T

How to Ensure the Success of Your Startup by Improving Your Product-Market Fit

Many startups fail not because they are working on their product wrong, but simply because they fail to identify the current needs of the market, and bring out a product that nobody has even asked for...

20 Oct 2018
Retired Member

How AI Is Reshaping Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence – or AI for short – is all around us today, and we’re on the brink of a revolution. Not long from now, this technology will be integrated into all parts of our lives, and those...

14 Sep 2018