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Innovation in Financial Services

Wallets galore

09 Apr 2024

As many of us have seen, there is no shortage of wallets on offer. has compiled a list to support ongoing issuing, holding and verifying verified data tests - and to support the work in Open Wallet Foundation. . Please take a look. It is impressive. One could imaging that EU member states will in many

Innovation in Financial Services

Fresh out from the press

22 Mar 2024

Fresh out from the press. Comprehensive and concrete actions described here: Comprehensive with concrete actions described. Leading the way for the European Single market.

Innovation in Financial Services

If you don't know where you are going, any road will do..

13 Mar 2024

So where are we going? Do we realize that we nead leaps in productivty, in service capability, in security, in privacy, in Single Market progress and in serious lowering of costs in the public sectors? Then all countries and EU should make the strongest possible public-private efforts to get the Trust Infrastructure in place - supported by global...


Innovation in Financial Services

If you have a hammer..

05 Mar 2024

If you have a hammer, everything around may look like a nail - they say. With the hammer-advent of Self-sovereign Identity, DIDs, decentralised data, Trust over IP,, Open Wallet Foundation, eIDAS2 and especially the work on organisation wallets in EWC this is for sure looking like being the case. Any number of use cases have been listed....