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Innovation in Financial Services

IDwallet interview

31 May 2022

The Opportunities for Europe’s Identity Landscape with eIDAS 2.0, with Bo Harald – Podcast Episode 68

Open Innovation Ecosystem

eIDAS2 - the most important potential reached with the longest e-ladder

12 May 2022

Innovation in Financial Services

Is all data MyData? reposted

14 Apr 2022

Is all data MyData?21 December 2018211 All data is somebody's data. Not really owned - but somebody is having the often exclusive right to use it. Sometimes alone, sometimes together, sometimes the right to alter and delete it, sometimes no right to change or delete it. What will happen next - when GDPR is a? strong foundation and - the...

Innovation in Financial Services

Open letter to the EU Commission

20 Mar 2022

In these dark days of brutal military aggression, it is important to find time to also look forward and discover new ways to make Europe more competitive and secure. The next phase of digitalization – the trusted data infrastructure based on Self-Sovereign Identity and MyData principles - is now an opportunity on an unprecedented scale. The impa...