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This community is for discussion of developments in the e-banking world, including mobile banking. This can include all the functional, business, technical, marketing, web site design, security and other related topics of Internet Banking segment, including public websites of the banks and financial institutions across the globe.

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Sebastian Zawada

Are consumers becoming used to a bank being an app rather than a building?

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has become a catalyst for change for financial institutions all over the world. It has presented banks with an opportunity to make bold changes at a dramatic pace. ...

16 Feb 2021
Andrew Stevens

Branching out: Why improving digital experiences is key to fending off challenger banks

When the pandemic hit, people quickly grew accustomed to carrying out a number of key tasks online, from grocery shopping to catching up with their friends and family. However, they were more enthusia...

29 Oct 2020
Uri Rivner

7 Cybercrime predictions for a global virus outbreak

If I had to pick one community that is definitely going to thrive during a global virus outbreak, it's online fraudsters. Check out these seven predictions about incoming cyber crime... An unprecedent...

29 Apr 2020
Uri Rivner

Zelle P2P Fraud: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet...

Zelle Fraud: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet… If you live in the US, you probably already use Zelle. Zelle is super awesome. It's sleek, real-time, and allows you to pay instantly to anyone with an email o...

24 Apr 2020
Andrew Stevens

How to ensure strong customer communication during the Covid-19 crisis

The way we bank has transformed over the past decade. The number of branches has fallen, while the growth of online banking shows no sign of slowing down. Although this has certainly been an adjustm...

01 Apr 2020
Uri Rivner

Social distancing changes our digital behaviors

As the Coronavirus outbreak spreads globally, users are beginning to change their digital behaviors. One emerging trend, not surprisingly, is an increase in the use of Remote Access. Criminals conside...

26 Mar 2020
Steve Morgan

How banks can thrive in the era of frictionless banking

Today’s consumers have a propensity for laziness, or to put it more positively… ease and immediacy! But who can blame us? Technology now allows people to bank on their phone instead of visiting a bran...

13 Mar 2020
Jayanth Jagadeesh

3 Advantages of Online Banking over Mobile banking

These days, Mobile apps seem to be the go-to Banking channel. Payments, Onboarding, and even Advertising takes a mobile-first appraoch. In my previous blog, I explored Why Online Banking is Still Rele...

24 Oct 2019
Jayanth Jagadeesh

The curious case of Online Banking

Are mobile apps making online banking obsolete? Statistics paint a different narrative. Today, we live in an extremely connected-world; one in which smartphones are near-ubiquitous, and access-to-int

16 Oct 2019
Konstantin Rabin

Could banks become redundant in the future?

After so much development in the Fintech space due to the progression of “private banks” all over the digital world, many entrepreneurs have started to base their Fintech startups on the premise that ...

16 Oct 2019