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Douglas Anderson

In praise of maps

From maps to stats, and back again Since I was a teenager in the 1970s, I have loved studying maps. Back then I was growing up in rural eastern Scotland, not far from St. Andrews, the home of golf (

07 Oct 2019
Yahya Mohamed Mao

The role of Fintech Innovation in Smart Cities

First published on (Zurich, Thursday, October 2nd, 2019) Considering children as our legacy for the future has never been as striking as after the emotional speech of Greta Thunberg ...

05 Oct 2019
Paul Shumsky

How to Personalize Digital Experiences in Finance

Customers have come to expect a level of personal service from companies that is the digital version of a 24/7 concierge. Think Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify, all companies that have set the bar for pe...

17 Sep 2019
Hamza Khan

Elevating trust with lessons from the past

In 1852, Elisha Otis invented the safety elevator. If the hoisting rope broke, its safety mechanism automatically brought it to a halt – as he demonstrated to dramatic effect at the 1854 world fair. A...

16 Sep 2019
Denis Novikov

Super Apps and Financial Services: How Can Banks Catch Up With the Trend?

Super apps are just appearing in the US and European countries, while in the Asian-Pacific region they already became a natural part of daily routine. So what are super apps and what is so special a

05 Sep 2019
Willem Lambrechts


According to Norm Brodsky and Bo Burlingham, authors of the brilliant book “Street Smarts, an all-purpose tool kit for entrepreneurs”, a fairly common problem with most entrepreneurs is what they call...

14 Aug 2019
Rik Coeckelbergs

How to find great collaboration between fintech and banks

In April, I had the pleasure to participate in a challenger session with Julian Sawyer (COO at Starling Bank) and Noemi Papp (Head of Digital & Retail, at EBF) at 6th Nextgen Payments Forum in Cyp...

04 Jul 2019
Willem Lambrechts

The necessary -?- evil -?- called sales

Headline in Flemish financial newspaper "De Tijd" last Thursday : "Gents Teamleader neemt gas terug in buitenlandse expansie". Translated : Ghent-based Teamleader slows down intern...

20 Mar 2019
Paul Dawson

Theranos, Lean Start Ups and How to Alienate Customers

Start ups are hard. When my mind prematurely wanders off to success I have to stop myself and focus on my product and service. I do know what my values are and what I hope to achieve and I am commi

07 Mar 2019
Richard Miller

Christmas Books: For the Entrepreneur in your life

For most people starting their own business is pretty daunting. Luckily bookstores are awash with books to guide, advise and stop you making mistakes along the way. In some ways there is too much choi...

24 Dec 2018