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Joris Lochy

Deals as a competitive differentiator in the financial sector

In my blog "Customer acquisition cost: probably the most valuable metric for Fintechs" ( I described how a...

09 Nov 2020
Scott Raspa

The benefits of embedded finance

As the fintech industry continues to change, accessible and straightforward interfaces for end users are key to helping financial institutions better engage their customers. One way many fintechs are...

22 Oct 2020
Willem Lambrechts

Sales for start- and scale-ups : 5 lessons learned

Lesson 1 : Sales should be on the top of your business plan! Do you remember the 4 P’s of the marketing mix? Product Price Promotion Place 3 out of the 4 factors refer to sales, only 1 to the produc...

26 Aug 2020
Joey Kim

Boost to Fintech in Response to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is proving to be the boost needed for fintechs to gain traction with consumers who have been hesitant to move their finances online. With prolonged social distancing measures ...

06 Aug 2020
Joris Lochy

Fintech is dead, long live Fintech

The word Fintech (short for "Financial Technology") was first recorded in the 1980’s in the Sunday Times. However it was only until the financial crisis of 2007-2008, that the usage of the t...

26 Jul 2020
Freddie McMahon

The emerging market to digitalise regulation is an USD 1,000 billion opportunity

Regulatory distribution is systemically broken The conventional way governments distribute rules for use by citizens, businesses, other private actors and for the institutions of government is through...

16 Jul 2020
Jamie Nascimento

How Auto-Code empowers citizen developers to do more

Citizen development is a proven, powerful tool to build better applications faster. But, it has its limitations. Could there be a better solution? Let’s find out more. There’s no doubt that no-code an...

06 Jul 2020
Joey Kim

Survive and Accelerate: Marketplace lenders’ varied paths to the next growth stage post-Coronavirus

Rising unemployment, small business failures, and impending recession pose an existential threat to marketplace lenders who take risks to accurately identify creditworthy borrowers underserved by trad...

30 Jun 2020
Joris Lochy

Customer acquisition cost: probably the most valuable metric for Fintechs

With the word "tech" in Fintech, there is automatically a strong focus on technology in this sector. As a result, we tend to think that the biggest cost of a Fintech company is in building a...

03 Jun 2020
Mahesh Pawal

'Desperate times call for Innovative measures!' - New Opportunity for SME and FI

“What do you call China – Villain or change-enabler?” You can call whatever, but China, as a country, has magnificent impact on the globe. According to Worldbank, China’s share of global GDP in 2019

03 May 2020