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Freddie McMahon


Knowledge monologue is pervasive All over the world, employees, customers and citizens are expected to read, understand and action the knowledge found in so many documents: policies, regulations, st...

10 Nov 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Freddie McMahon

A Paradigm Shift in the Making

Conversation-as-a-Service is a business model involving a blended approach of people and chatbots delivering dialogue for personalised interaction and orchestrating services in context to the granular...

11 Oct 2018
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service: the big challenge and big opportunity of algorithmic knowledge

To combat the accelerating speed of change, there is a growing need for a step change that leads to more productive and smarter humans. The barrier to this transition is knowledge needed by humans, wh...

10 Sep 2018
Banking Regulations
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service: decision distortions and deceptions

The shift towards specialist chatbots has highlighted how organisations are vulnerable to decision distortions and deceptions, with the way their people work deep within the organisation. This vulne...

01 Sep 2018
Operational Risk Management
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service: knowledge economies of scale

Conversation-as-a-Service enables an individual to benefit from contextual knowledge expressed directly to them. The individual controls the dialogue through the options they select, which can be enri...

13 Aug 2018
Business Knowledge for IT
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service: the revolution in interaction

More and more time is being spent by employees interacting with each other, customers, partners and suppliers, as part of delivering projects, products and services. These interactions often relate t...

03 Aug 2018
Innovation in Financial Services
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service insights for new sense-making frameworks

As conversation-as-a-service gains momentum, it is providing a two-way marketing, sales and services interaction between customers and organisations from both the public and private sector. Being able...

27 Jul 2018
Business Knowledge for IT
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service insights for changing everything

Conversation-as-a-Service is the co-existence of chatbots and humans to deliver value through dialogue. A core consideration is the Conversational User Interface (CUI), which has three purposes: Or...

20 Jul 2018
Finance 2.0
Freddie McMahon

Chatbots to set a new benchmark for ISO 9001 organisational knowledge across 1m organisations

ISO 9001 is the most widely used quality management standard worldwide. There are over 1m organisations across over 170 countries that are certified to this standard. The latest edition ISO 9001: 20...

13 Jul 2018
Fintech innovation and startups
Freddie McMahon

The Normalisation of Procedural Subjectivity

We all know that a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a step-by-step set of instructions written by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations. Each SOP is aimed to achiev...

06 Jul 2018
Finextra site news
Freddie McMahon

Corporate training cannot cope with the ever-widening knowledge gap

As the pace of change continues to accelerate faster and faster, it has become overwhelmingly clear that training is no longer fit for purpose, to address the ever-widening knowledge gap. This is not ...

30 Jun 2018
Fintech innovation and startups
Freddie McMahon

It is time for the Digital Transformation of Corporate Governance?

Within traditional Financial Services there is a common belief that regulation has fundamentally constrained the industry, but at the same time innovation through FinTech has blossomed. The Regulators...

23 Jun 2018
Internal Auditors in Financial Services