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We'll use this to announce new features and let you know if there is any maintenance in the pipeline. Feel free to post questions/tips/requests here.

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Paul Shumsky

Rethinking Payroll With Blockchain And Mobile Wallets

Mobile digital wallets are revolutionizing the financial services industry and offering far more potential than just making and receiving digital payments. We explore one exciting area of development:...

08 Oct 2019
Paul Shumsky

Company-Branded Payroll Wallets Primed To Become A Powerful Employee Experience Portal

Employers are coming to understand that if they want to keep — and retain — the best talent they need to prioritise the experience they offer their employees as much as they do their customers. And ju...

11 Sep 2019
Freddie McMahon

When are we going to rethink how regulations are applied in practice?

By Regulation we mean national law and its extensions such as defined by Regulators and Standards, and the way its applied in practice through Policies and Procedures. The problem is compounded throug...

04 May 2019
Freddie McMahon

The Normalisation of Procedural Subjectivity

We all know that a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a step-by-step set of instructions written by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations. Each SOP is aimed to achiev...

06 Jul 2018
Sameer Singh Jaini

Outsourcing Technology for a bank is like outsourcing the bank

“In many ways, we see ourselves as a technology company with a banking license.” Michael Corbat, Citibank CEO Consulting firms over last two decades have guided Banks to “Outsource Technology to Techn...

22 May 2017
Dirk Kinvig

Create a new Finextra Community Group

Finextra has over 50 live blogging Groups. Groups are a useful way for Finextra Community Members to associate their blog with other related blogs. So say, for example, you want to read blogs about t...

07 Mar 2017
Dirk Kinvig

Historical white papers and research on Finextra

Over the years, Finextra has partnered with many third party outfits to produce white papers and research that you, our readership, have downloaded/perused upon completion a short sign-up form. We hav...

06 Mar 2017
Dirk Kinvig

Finextra Community Groups

Over at finextra towers, we've undertaken a few tweaks to website. Many of the updates are pretty subtle. However, we've also gotten round to giving the Community Groups a spruce up. If you head over...

10 Dec 2014
Dirk Kinvig

Finextra Community changes

Regular Finextra community users will have noticed a few changes of Blogs and Profile pages over the last few months. Some of the changes are little more than tweaks - a nip and tuck here and there. O...

17 Jul 2014
Dirk Kinvig

Finextra Blogs now being tweeted

We have created a twitter account that will tweet all blogs written by Community Members. The account is @FinextraBlogs We will also be retweeting comments that members have added to Finextra article...

24 Jun 2014

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