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Abhinav Paliwal

What Is A Closed-Loop Wallet?

An ecosystem-specific digital payment system called a "closed-loop wallet" enables consumers to make purchases solely from one brand, retailer, or service provider. Users can add money to t...

12 Sep 2023
Abhinav Paliwal

Why Mobile Wallet Continues to Shine in the UPI and FedNow Era

In recent years, the financial landscape has undergone a significant transformation, with digital payment methods gaining tremendous traction. Mobile wallets and real-time payment platforms like FedN...

07 Sep 2023
Dennis Buckly

Three Major C-Level Appointments that Are Set to Disrupt the FinTech Industry

To say that leadership makes or breaks an organization’s success story is a mere understatement. In today’s ever-evolving business world, the captain of the ship, along with key members of the troupe

05 Sep 2023
Abhinav Paliwal

How To Start Mobile Banking Software From Scratch?

Building mobile banking software from the ground up is a complicated and multifaceted procedure. The following is a high-level outline of the steps involved: 1) Market Research and Planning: Conduct ...

31 Aug 2023
Ritesh Jain

Cybersecurity – An interesting ode of Challenges and Opportunities for Startups

On a perfect sunny afternoon on June 27, 2017, while travelling on a train from Schiphol Airport to Dan Hague, I was on a conference call with my Maersk team. Suddenly, someone said their screen went ...

01 Aug 2023
Ritesh Jain

Apple's Strategic Voyage into India's Financial Realm

The recent announcement of Apple's plan to launch its credit card in India, partnering with HDFC Bank, marks a critical juncture in the synthesis of technology and finance. Apple, synonymous with in

05 Jul 2023
Ritesh Jain

Talk of the VC world : Sequoia Is Splitting Into Three VC Firms

Sequoia Capital, the renowned venture capital firm, has made a significant announcement that has sent shockwaves through the investment community. The firm has decided to split into three independent ...

06 Jun 2023
Ritesh Jain

Ajay Banga's Appointment as World Bank President: A New Dawn for Global Economic Leadership:

The nomination and subsequent appointment of Ajay Banga as President of the World Bank by President Joe Biden has generated considerable excitement and interest around the global community, stirring e...

04 May 2023
Preeti Mishra

Hyper-personalization: A Holy Grail to Success in Wealth Management

The changing contours of the wealth management industry The wealth management industry is in the middle of a transformation. Contributing factors include the ever-growing expectations of a new genera...

23 Mar 2023
Sridhar Ramamurthi

Being purpose-led: Considerations for Financial Services firms – Customer and Provider Perspectives

In an earlier blog (titled: Being purpose-led: Considerations for Financial Services firms – What does it mean?), we explored what purpose-led means with a few examples. So far, the articulation of t...

24 Jan 2023

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