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To share information, ideas and experience relating to all aspects of op-risk management and compliance with Basel II

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Brittany Garland

Sell-Side Onboarding: How to Turn It into a Competitive Advantage

In the past, onboarding has been overlooked and undervalued, but sell-side organizations are recognizing that the process is critical to their ability to compete for and retain clients. For both the ...

05 May 2020
Peter Bannister

How to handle and prepare for unforeseen global risks

In just a matter of weeks, the outbreak of COVID-19 took the world by surprise and upended our economies, businesses, and way of life. In response to the crisis, we have seen companies quickly action ...

28 Apr 2020
Martin Kisby

SM&CR - what is it and why do we need it?

Following the banking crisis in 2008, the Parliamentary Commission for Banking Standards (PCBS) recommended the creation of a new framework focused on increasing senior management accountability. Base...

30 Aug 2019
Shira Rottner

How the Next Generation are Shaping the Future of Trading

The EU’s e-Privacy regulation, which is expected in 2019, is set to be the next major piece of legislation designed to protect the privacy and security of personal information. A step on from GDPR, e-...

02 Dec 2018
Neil Crammond


One of the very few benefits of open outcry trading was the fact that traders could see everyone trading and the chances of rogue trading was easier to spot compared to today. Through a virtual pit

23 Nov 2018
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service: decision distortions and deceptions

The shift towards specialist chatbots has highlighted how organisations are vulnerable to decision distortions and deceptions, with the way their people work deep within the organisation. This vulne...

01 Sep 2018
Freddie McMahon

Frugal Engineering to digitalise Standard Operating Procedures

Frugal Engineering is the science of breaking up complex engineering processes to reduce the complexity and cost of producing products, without compromising quality. One example of Frugal Engineering ...

08 Jun 2018
Iosif Itkin

Fearless Testing and Post-Trade Systems Disruption

Our work focuses on functional and nonfunctional testing, most of the business being in the market infrastructure space, exchanges and clearing. Three principles can help you to test even the most sop...

10 May 2018
Iosif Itkin

Large Scale Infrastructure Intervention and Fake Testing

In a nutshell, the job that we do comes down to infiltrating large financial market infrastructures with specially designed tools to influence the outcome of the software development life cycle. We ha...

05 May 2018
Breana Patel

How Important is Enterprise Risk Management ?

Enterprise Risk Management. Arguably the largest evolutionary change in risk management for financial institutions has been the elevation of the risk management function to a key role in firm manage

19 Apr 2018