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To share information, ideas and experience relating to all aspects of op-risk management and compliance with Basel II

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Nickii Mallia

The most reliable asset in the compliance team is not who (or what) you think!

“I am confident and incredibly focused on my work. I can guarantee that I will never miss any kind of anomaly or issue within the compliance processes of your company. I will work tirelessly 24 by 7 a...

26 Jan 2022
Nickii Mallia

The importance of meeting Regulatory Reporting Obligations

Any compliance officer will tell you that financial safety is the first benefit associated with regulatory compliance. Compliance officers are requested to issue reports to ensure they’re complying wi...

11 Jan 2022
Nickii Mallia

Single Customer View – the benefits for due diligence processes

Customers are at the centre of any business, yet very few firms truly understand who their customers are. It is known that one of the biggest challenges in this industry is the ability to identify the...

07 Jan 2022
Nickii Mallia

Importance of Achieving Perpetual KYC

In today’s world it is vital to adopt a continuous KYC (cKYC) approach rather than the inefficient costly periodic client reviews and remediation projects, to understand your customers' risk profile t...

05 Jan 2022
Yahya Mohamed Mao

Governance, Risk Management And Compliance —Effectively Raising Risk Intelligence Culture

Since the early 2000s, several industry and government agencies have expanded their compliance rules that address companies’ risk management plans, policies, and procedures. Image: What to Know: Sup...

28 Nov 2021
Chris Hansen

The March 2022 Operational Resilience Deadline looms. Are you ready?

The recent internet outage caused by a fault with cloud computing service Fastly, which took down thousands of websites in multiple countries, was a painful reminder of the importance of operational r...

13 Sep 2021
Alastair Rutherford

Operational Resilience – Or Revolution?

On the 29th March 2021, the UK supervisory authorities publicised the final policy statements surrounding operational resilience. These had been in the pipeline since 2018, when the original discussio...

14 May 2021
Yo McDonald

How to mitigate biases during risk identification, evaluation, and prioritisation

MetricStream’s Yo McDonald discusses how businesses can identify biases when evaluating risks, how it affects processes, and the steps businesses should take to mitigate bias. Evidently, risk evaluati...

14 Dec 2020
Brian Holden

The Ministry of Collections

When I think about the next couple of years for the UK banking industry, this nightmare scenario comes to mind. A milkman is going door-to-door collecting empty bottles. As he peers ahead through the ...

27 Nov 2020
Matt Neill

7 steps to planning client onboarding and CLM change

2021 will be a challenging but critical year for financial organisations wanting to deliver change within client onboarding and client lifecycle management (CLM). Covid and the fear of a global recess...

24 Nov 2020

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