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To share information, ideas and experience relating to all aspects of op-risk management and compliance with Basel II

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Matt Neill

7 steps to planning client onboarding and CLM change

2021 will be a challenging but critical year for financial organisations wanting to deliver change within client onboarding and client lifecycle management (CLM). Covid and the fear of a global recess...

24 Nov 2020
Yo McDonald

Expanding from Risk to Resilience - Make Your Organisation 'Anti-Fragile'

Moving from simple risk management to real resilience is a critical new capability that organisations are striving to attain. Teams seek to quickly mature resilience as we reopen our businesses, count...

28 Sep 2020
Shawn Hughes

FinTech Leaders Should Embrace This Two-Pronged Strategy to Survive the Pandemic Economy

For many, 2020 feels like a dream or at least like everything we once knew is being challenged. If FinTech leaders don’t reassess their understanding of the world’s relationship with financial service...

18 Aug 2020
Jussi Karjalainen

Business Resiliency and Future Proofing Your Procurement Operations for the 2nd Covid Wave?

Key questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on your business’s journey to spend and payments automation Now, more than ever, businesses find themselves operating in an increasingly volat...

27 Jul 2020
Steve Morgan

How agile can lending and advisory capabilities be?

The response of the UK government, like many others, has been opening up government backed loan support for businesses. As of the first week of June, over £31bn has been borrowed, although the Coronav...

08 Jun 2020
Shawn Hughes

5 Tips for FinTech Leaders to Navigate the Uncertain Road Ahead

Almost no one alive today has previously encountered a crisis quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. But change truly is the only constant in life, business and banking, so agility is an attribute that gre...

19 May 2020
Madhukar Ramu

Corporate Actions during COVID-19: First wave of impact

A number of companies have reported earnings over the past few weeks, providing an early insight into how the COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on revenues and profits in the first quarte...

18 May 2020
Brittany Garland

Sell-Side Onboarding: How to Turn It into a Competitive Advantage

In the past, onboarding has been overlooked and undervalued, but sell-side organizations are recognizing that the process is critical to their ability to compete for and retain clients. For both the ...

05 May 2020
Peter Bannister

How to handle and prepare for unforeseen global risks

In just a matter of weeks, the outbreak of COVID-19 took the world by surprise and upended our economies, businesses, and way of life. In response to the crisis, we have seen companies quickly action ...

28 Apr 2020
Martin Kisby

SM&CR - what is it and why do we need it?

Following the banking crisis in 2008, the Parliamentary Commission for Banking Standards (PCBS) recommended the creation of a new framework focused on increasing senior management accountability. Base...

30 Aug 2019