Steve Wilcockson

Steve Wilcockson

Senior Director - Java Products at Azul Systems
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Bio I enjoy model-led and data-driven technologies in financial services. I work with quants, data scientists, data officers, developers and business stakeholders on their research to production workflows on the buy-side, sell-side, front office, middle office, in insurance, and more. Career History I am a Senior Director at a high growth Java specialist, with a sizeable footprint in financial services, specifically low-latency and big data applications such as trading, back-testing, pricing, payments, fraud detection and risk management. Prior September 2019, I was GeoFinance Market Development at Geospatial Insight, and prior to June 2018 I was Industry Manager at MathWorks (Financial Services) with global remit. I have degrees from University of British Columbia and Cambridge.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Data Science And Machine Learning. With Java?

30 Apr 2020

In this blog, I outline briefly: - Common Applications of Data Science - Definitions: Machine learning, deep learning, data engineering and data science - Why Java for data science workflows, for both production and research. Common Applications of Data Science The blogosphere is full of descriptions about how data science and “AI’ i...

Capital Markets Technology

A Brief Commentary on the March Tiobe Index

13 Mar 2020

The March Tiobe Index is out. I follow Java (1, up short term), Python (3, continual rise), R (11, steady mid-term) MATLAB (15, down mid-term), SAS (21, steady-ish) and Julia (49, wildly down?) as my interests tend towards deployment of quant and data science models into production architectures. Some thoughts on these platforms are below. What do ...

Innovation in Financial Services

Financial Services Firms Must Contribute More Software Repos, to Retain Staff and Stay Relevant

11 Jan 2020

I have for some time been aware of companies increasingly submitting code to open source repositories, some quite openly like the hedge funds Man AHL and Two Sigma Investments. Others have jumped on the "cool open source" bandwagon. The subject is frequently discussed on the conference circuit and blogosphere, particularly in data scienc...

Trends in Financial Services

The Non-Contradiction of Proprietary Finance and Community Open Source Programming

11 Nov 2019

I work in financial services, typically quantitative technology applications. A recent employer of mine was an imagery company, providing satellite and drone-sourced data into finance and insurance. In this heady mix of finance and space, I worked with people from defence, aerospace, geospatial, surveying and satellite communications backgrounds w...

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