Steve Wilcockson

Steve Wilcockson

GeoFinance Market Specialist at Geospatial Insight
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Bio I enjoy model-led and data-driven technologies in financial services. I work with quants, data scientists, data officers, developers and business stakeholders on their research to production workflows on the buy-side, sell-side, front office, middle office, in insurance, and more. Career History GeoFinance Market Development at Geospatial Insight since June 2018 Prior to that, I was Industry Manager at MathWorks (Financial Services) with global remit, lead on the UK business before that. Degrees from University of British Columbia and Cambridge.


Financial Risk Management

Deja Vu All Over Again - Financial Lessons from the Brumadinho and Mariana Dam Disasters

16 Apr 2019

There is a Youtube video on the collapse and causes of the collapse of the Mariana Dam disaster in 2015, specifically using satellite imagery to assess key elements before, during and after the Fundão Dam collapse. The Fundão Dam was a tailings dam, built to accommodate the waste resulting from the extraction of iron ore from the extensive Germano...


Life After MiFID II

11 Dec 2018

It's been a busy and fun Autumn on the London financial services conference circuit. I've been lucky enough to attend a healthy diversity of events with distinct though intersecting agendas. I've attended two alternative data events, both heady mixes of vendor/user speed-dating interspersed with panel discussions, one up-and-coming Quant event and...

Capital Markets Technology

Embracing alternative data: a three-stage approach for portfolio managers

14 Nov 2018

In the quest for alpha, a growing number of portfolio managers have been exploring the esoteric world of alternative data. Some forms, such as sentiment data based on terabytes of news texts and social media, are well established and have matured to the point of securing devoted followings. Other forms, such as satellite imagery that sheds light on...


Financial Risk Management

7 Chief Risk Officer Priorities for 2018

17 Jan 2018

Last January I posted 7 Chief Risk Officer Priorities for 2017, based in part on the preceding December’s RiskMinds Conference in Amsterdam, a conference highlighting the worries and interests of Chief Risk Officers and their risk managers. A lot can happen in a year, so I have repeated the exercise. Some topics have carried over such as model go...