Freddie McMahon

Freddie McMahon

Director Strategy and Innovation at DF2020 Ltd
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Bio Develop the strategy and innovation for a paradigm shift in the way firms currently interact with regulation, which is unsustainable due to the diversity, volume, the rate of change and complexity. Career History


Trends in Financial Services

Digitised ESG enables broader and transparent corporate governance

16 Oct 2020

Environment, Social and Governance metrics are here to stay. The ESG investment market has surpassed USD 30 trillion. Governance needs better ways to measure corporate behaviour. ESG metrics measure corporate behaviour and sustainability. ESG metrics is a shift from intangibles to tangibles. Achieve holistic governance using ESG and fina...

Fintech innovation and startups

The emerging market to digitalise regulation is an USD 1,000 billion opportunity

16 Jul 2020

Regulatory distribution is systemically broken The conventional way governments distribute rules for use by citizens, businesses, other private actors and for the institutions of government is through documents and other forms of content. As highlighted in an earlier paper “The Dangerous Risk of Interactions with Regulation”[i], the use of docume...

Financial Services Regulation

The dangerous risk of interactions with regulation

28 May 2020

Now is the time to challenge convention Our interactions with regulation play a ubiquitous and increasing role in the world economy. Individuals and organizations interact with regulation to ensure compliance and safeguard actions within firms, between firms and all the way through markets to the end consumer. Given the pervasive nature of interac...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation


11 Nov 2019

INTRODUCTION Innovation is about changing the status quo in a way that adds value to stakeholders. To demonstrate adding value requires measurement. With this clear definition of innovation, lets apply it to regulation. THE REGULATORY FABRIC AS A MARKET The scope of this challenge is huge as the regulatory fabric impacts every person and every o...