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Paul Penrose

Phishers lick lips as FSA spams Icesave account holders

The UK's Financial Services Compensation Scheme is doing its bit to keep the phishing industry in business by sending e-mails to customers of defunct Internet bank Icesave advising them to log-on to t...

06 Nov 2008
Retired Member

What did I say about that dongle? Mobilise me please.

I have no doubt that mobile authentication might be a better approach than the dongle full of passwords you're supposed to leave in the office. While it's handy to have a USB stick to carry data aroun...

03 Nov 2008
Gary Wright

Consolidation of Clearing Houses good or bad?

The DTCC buying LCH.Clearnet looks a no brainer deal for both companies with both increasing their business potential and both able to rationalise their cost structures. This is certainly the case at...

03 Nov 2008
Retired Member

How to make online banking and e-commerce secured Published: 31 October 2008 - 15:53 Trojan steals 500,000+ bank and card details The login credentials for hundreds of thousands of online

01 Nov 2008
Uri Rivner

October Surprise

I just came back from RSA Conference Europe, which – as always – is an amazing time of the year. One particular perk of this event was the public display of the Engima machine, believed by the German...

31 Oct 2008
Online Banking
Matt White

Des O'Connor hit by card scam

Sarkozy isn't the only recent high profile victim of fraudsters. Des O'Connor - British chat show host and famously bad singer - was taken for around £1000 by a shop assistant who used his mobile ph...

31 Oct 2008
Elton Cane

Looking at the president's bank account 'for fun'

French police have arrested six people in their investigation into the high-profile fraud attack on President Sarkozy, but believe they are only minor figures in a wider plot. What's more interesting ...

31 Oct 2008
Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis
Retired Member

Does a smartcard reader add value in generating an OTP?

This GEMALTO mini online banking authentication device and IBM's USB dongle stick (whatever its called) are not any better than a simple time-based OTP generator. And no, I don't work for RSA or Veri

30 Oct 2008
Information Security
Retired Member

Have you seen my USB stick thingy er dongle?

While I commend IBM on their attempt to create a practical solution to online banking fraud, because we all know there is a real problem, but this device, which looks very similar in concept to someth...

30 Oct 2008
Sriram Natarajan

Terrorizing the banks!

I found this news release by the FBI quite amusing - It seems 'a series of threatening letters filled with an unknown powder started showing u...

27 Oct 2008
Retired Member

Behind the APACS numbers

The fraud results released by APACS are generally as expected in the industry, with steady increases in card-not-present (CNP) and counterfeit card fraud, however there are a few numbers that raise qu...

22 Oct 2008
Retired Member

Phishing is an old problem in new form

With the growth of a new finance method or channel timeless fraud methods will take on new forms, and people will continue to incorrectly declare that the problem is limited to the new channel. Phishi...

21 Oct 2008