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Bio CEO of B.I.S.S. Research, founder of the BISS Independent Accreditation for all systems and services provided to financial services companies internationally. Guest Lecturer at Reading University and ICMA. Comentator in the media on Industry Issues. Career History Over 30 years in the City as Head of Operations with a number of leading Brokers and Banks. Founding member of ISITC Europe and IUG. Member of the SII, founding member of the Operations Management Examination committee.



The future of systems in financial services

29 Jul 2013

As we all know software firms have sprung up like dandelions in summer. Every week, virtually, we are seeing new systems or enhanced systems, with a regular introduction of new firms, all offering a system or functionality that they hope will be unique and a big seller. Unfortunately the success gateway is very narrow and the vast majority of soft...


Bell Tolls for Corporate Data via Twitter

23 May 2013

The recent judgment in the USA that social media are acceptable channels to communicate corporate data to shareholders is a major breakthrough one that I hope the financial services industry embraces on mass. There is no denying that corporate data today is expensive in every single sense. The Corporate entity pays through the nose to create and ...




08 Feb 2013

I have just recieved a e-mail from LinkedIn to say that i am i the top 1% of most viewd profiles from their 200m users. Gutted! I thought i was more famous than that! Anyway it does demonstrate the massive growth of social networks and along with the rather spectacular LinkedIn profits for the last year evidence of value. I do hope they dont go do...



The future of FIX

29 Nov 2012

FIX has become the major messaging protocol in global financial markets and has arguably been the single most influential technical development in financial markets in the last twenty years. To a large degree it has long met its original objectives but there is still much that can be achieved so the future of FIX perhaps needs to be redefined. Jus...