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Director and Founder at Solvid, Coinprompter
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Bio Dmytro is the founder of Coinprompter, an online crypto price comparison engine. Director and founder of Solvid. He's a crypto and finance writer featured in IBM,,, IBM, Investment Week, FXStreet, Entrepreneur and FXEmpire. Career History Financial writer with more than six years of experience covering the latest developments in fintech, crypto and finance sectors. Having worked with numerous fintech brands like Timvi, Foton Bank and Evonax, I gained a good understanding of the industry. My work has been featured in,, Investment Week, Entrepreneur, FXStreet, FXEmpire and IBM.



Marqeta’s Huge IPO Shows That Fintech’s Boom Will be Sustained by Convenience

06 Jun 2021

It’s been a transformative year for fintech. As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced global payments to become increasingly digital, we’ve seen more companies within the industry generate highly successful years. This has led to something of a fintech IPO surge in recent months. Now, it’s the turn of Marqeta to launch an initial public offering ahea...


Vuzix Stock Growth Shows Investor Excitement for Augmented Reality

30 May 2021

2021 has been a challenging year for the development of new technologies. Still operating in the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic, any initial optimism for the development and launch of AR-enabled smart glasses by the end of the year has been quashed by experts - but despite this, AR-glasses specialists Vuzix has been gaining significant momentum ...


Canadian Firm Alphawave’s UK IPO Shows London Stock Exchange Still Has Pulling Power

27 May 2021

Alphawave IP Group has its sights firmly set on a London Stock Exchange (LSE) listing with share prices ranging from £3.75 to £4.30 - amounting to a valuation of up to £3.2 billion according to bookrunner JP Morgan. As a Canadian firm, Alphawave’s choice to debut in London is a significant indicator that despite COVID-19 and Brexit uncertainty, t...


UiPath’s USD 26 Billion IPO Shows The Strength of The Robotic Process Automation Industry Against

20 Apr 2021

In early 2021, the robotic process automation (RPA) unicorn UiPath generated a massive $750 million fundraising round ahead of the company’s expected IPO. This put the valuation of the UiPath at around $35 billion ahead of going public. Since this valuation, the company has released its first IPO range, which appears to be a relatively discounted p...