Dmytro Spilka

Dmytro Spilka

Director and Founder at Solvid, Coinprompter
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Bio Dmytro is the founder of Coinprompter, an online crypto price comparison engine. Director and founder of Solvid. He's a crypto and finance writer featured in IBM, Bitcoin.com, Investing.com, IBM, Investment Week, FXStreet, Entrepreneur and FXEmpire. Career History Financial writer with more than six years of experience covering the latest developments in fintech, crypto and finance sectors. Having worked with numerous fintech brands like Timvi, Foton Bank and Evonax, I gained a good understanding of the industry. My work has been featured in Bitcoin.com, Investing.com, Investment Week, Entrepreneur, FXStreet, FXEmpire and IBM.



3 Essential Ways to Scale Your Fintech Startup by Embracing Process Automation

18 Sep 2023

Fintech platforms are finding success in embracing innovation where their traditional financial institution counterparts have evolved slower. Now, as automation becomes sophisticated enough to streamline an array of processes for fintech startups looking to scale, there’s never been a better time to take your business to the next level. Automatio...


Visions for the Future: How the Apple Vision Pro Could Herald a New Era for Fintech

16 Jun 2023

Fintech is an industry continually taking finance to new heights with its dedication to digital transformation and innovations geared toward disrupting traditional sector processes. With the recent launch of Apple’s flagship Vision Pro mixed reality headset, we may soon see another technology driving growth in fintech. Reality technologies like au...


How will Continued Interest Base Rate Rises Impact Cryptocurrency Market in 2023?

02 May 2023

With Bitcon’s reputation as ‘digital gold’ often highlighted among investors, the recent economic impacts of rising inflation rates leading to the Fed increasing its base rate for interest has paved the way for a significant challenge that the entirety of the cryptocurrency landscape must respond to. Crypto’s strongest cheerleaders would argue th...



5 Key Considerations when Building a Marketing Strategy for Your Fintech Startup

19 Apr 2023

Powered by a developing regulatory framework, fast emerging technology, ESG awareness, and the continuing consolidation of the financial sector, the fintech industry is transforming at a rapid pace. As the landscape continues to change, it’s important that new startups are aware of the marketing challenges that they face. Although online trading ...