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Uri Rivner

Uri Rivner

CEO and Co-Founder at Refine Intelligence
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Bio Refine Intelligence brings a new paradigm to fighting financial crime. Our Life Story Intelligence can positively explain the majority of AML and Scam alerts, and replace over 70% of branch or call center customer outreach related to compliance. Find more at Career History Hi. My name is Uri, and I'm addicted to fighting Financial Crime. It's been over 20 years since I've been doing anything else. I now run a game-changing startup with great friends and industry experts. Happy to connect on LinkedIn :)


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Do banks really know their customers anymore?

12 Feb 2023

The 80s! What a fantastic decade. Anyone who grew up in the eighties, raise your hands! Indiana Jones, War Games, Beverly Hills Cop, Commodore 64 adventure games… Growing up in the eighties was awesome. Let’s go back in time together. It’s 1985 – Back to the Future was just released – and you’re walking into your local bank branch. You want to de...

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The Crazy Year of Scams

29 Dec 2022

It was seven years ago in the weekly update with the Data Science team. As Chief Cyber Officer and co-founder of behavioral biometrics company BioCatch, which specializes in online fraud detection, this was my favorite internal meeting: there were always some new tricks the fraudsters did which the team picked up on, and it was pure fun to learn


The Gig Economy and the case of Split Identities

12 Jul 2020

The gig economy is exploding these days, especially in the wake of the global virus outbreak. According to the Bureau of Labor projections, the portion of gig economy workers will increase to 43% in 2020. Among millennials, 40% have identified as participating in the gig economy. Gig economy means transitory jobs. Rideshare drivers, work-from-home...

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7 Cybercrime predictions for a global virus outbreak

29 Apr 2020

If I had to pick one community that is definitely going to thrive during a global virus outbreak, it's online fraudsters. Check out these seven predictions about incoming cyber crime... An unprecedented global virus outbreak is just what the cyberfraudster ordered. Confusion, chaos, and abrupt changes in digital user behavior can help the sharp-min...

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Zelle P2P Fraud: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet...

  Hi Ketharaman - thanks for the comment! You're right that UX consistency is important. However today there are a lot of controls in place that disrupt the UX due to all sort of security and risk policies: you're accessing from a new and untrused device, or from out of the country, or you're moving much more than you normally do (well, in these troubled times of social distancing moving irregular sums of money online for the first time is actually pretty expected as you cannot use checks or cash). In those cases there is a 'user escalation' - a transaction can be blocked, or you might need to approve it using a one time code, or someone from the bank may need to contact you. These user escalations are normally not very effective: criminals find ways around them, and honest people just get bothered. The idea of using invisible layers of visibility such as device intelligence and behavioral biometrics is to get a firm understanding of whether this activity is good or bad without any change to the UX. So, completely friction free. This can over-ride more crude controls and actually improve the UX, and it's also much more effective in terms of catching fraud.  With regards to APP fraud, the banks are now using a clever combination of payee name verification, device intelligence, behavioral biometrics and risk-based messaging to the users, in addition to education. It's always a mix of controls and technology that can fight sophisticated attacks...