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Bob Lyddon

Cyprus' banks reduce their Non-Performing Loans. See how it is done, and weep.

There was an lol for me today, thanks to an article in the Cyprus Business Mail announcing that Non-performing loans (“NPLs”) in the Cypriot banking system had fallen in March 2018 by almost €2.1bn to...

13 Jul 2018
SEPA and European Payments
Breana Patel

The many benefits of Agile PMO

The task of integrating a Project Management Office (PMO) in an agile environment could prove difficult, but if done with thorough research and implementation, it can substantially improve efficiency ...

14 Jun 2018
Transaction Banking
Bob Lyddon

Euro Sovereign Bond-Backed Securities, an anagram for colossal stuffee

The EU has unveiled the awaited plan to create Sovereign Bond-Backed Securities or SBBS in Euro, supposedly “to encourage banks and investors to diversify their holdings of euro zone bonds”. The plan ...

24 May 2018
SEPA and European Payments
Bob Lyddon

The Euro's battle for survival - entering the Red Zone

We have been analysing, for the thinktank the Bruges Group, the extreme difficulties in which the Eurozone finds itself, after years of economic stimulus totalling over 3% of GDP per annum and the bui...

22 May 2018
SEPA and European Payments
Antonio Ferre

IT Metrics excellence: avoiding the world turning upside-down

Regardless of how a software development project was contracted (fixed price, time and materials, etc.) or how it was managed from a methodology point of view (Agile, Waterfall, Prince2, …), by the e

08 May 2018
Standards Forum
Paul Grimbers

Keep doing something the same way, don’t expect a different outcome

The financial services arena is fraught with challenges... Ongoing regulation, increasing competition, an unstoppable demand for digital services, whilst all the time internal demands to drive down op...

01 May 2018
Breana Patel

Best Practices in Internal Capital Adequacy Planning

Best Practices in Managing Internal Capital AdequacyGuaranteeing a Solid Base of Capitalization Cooked down to its essence, the convulsion that overtook the international banking system in 2008 came d...

30 Apr 2018
Banking Regulations
Laura Glynn

13 Points of Clarification for FinCEN Final Rule CDD

1. Beneficial Ownership Threshold FinCEN has reiterated that the specified threshold (25%) is a floor, not a ceiling. It has left to the discretion of covered financial institutions (FIs) to implement...

19 Apr 2018
Financial Services Regulation
Enrico Camerinelli

Banks, supply chains, and blockchain

The speed at which blockchain-based applications are evolving beyond pure financial transactions must not induce banks to mistakenly think that the business is running out of their hands. On the contr...

18 Apr 2018
Futuristic Banking
Varadarajan Narashimman

Virtual Account Management Driving More Value with Less

Transaction banking is no exception to the unprecedented challenges that the banking and financial services industry faces today. With traditional business margins eroding consistently, banks are look...

21 Mar 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Ben Marsh

Financial Regulation: Ten Years of Toil and a Month of MiFID II

In the past decade an unequalled amount of regulatory reform has taken place internationally across the financial services industry; a journey that has not been for the faint-hearted or those lacking ...

23 Feb 2018
Ben Marsh

How can you really Know Your Client if you don’t have the full picture?

KYC is essential for two key reasons; the first is to ensure financial institutions are not enabling criminal activities and secondly to optimise important client relationships. It is now mandatory fo...

13 Feb 2018
Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis