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Discuss business-related to fintech and/or how financial services can business owners.

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Pauline L

How long will crypto winter last and what does it mean for payments?

Cryptocurrencies experienced a brutal loss this year, diminishing by $2 trillion in value since the height of a massive rally in 2021. The value of the top 100 cryptocurrencies on September 5, 2022, i...

06 Sep 2022
Pauline L

How to choose a safe Bitcoin payment provider

The crypto industry has been subject to a great deal of criticism because of security issues. Hacks, fraud, and other types of activities have caused millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency to end...

18 Aug 2022
Ed Whitehead

SCA’s success is pushing account takeover fraud to new heights

While strong customer authentication (SCA) enforcement is still in its early days, it’s already clear that the more robust identity requirements are better protecting ecommerce checkout from fraudster...

04 Aug 2022
Yuliya Barabash

Where to relocate your business? Where to start a new one?

The focus of SBSB activity is the support of fintech and crypto projects. However the requests of business relocation from Ukraine to some other countries became more frequent lately, because of ongoi...

04 Jul 2022
Kevin Eley

Detecting and Responding to Threats Fast: Building a SOC with Limited Resources

Over the last 18 months, the need for greater cybersecurity across the globe has risen due to a significant shift to remote working and more vulnerable security infrastructure as a result of this. Org...

01 Jul 2022
Abhinav Paliwal

How 8-hour Recreation leads to Double Profit Margins

During the Industrial Revolution, companies attempted to maximize the output of their factories by keeping them running as many hours as possible, Typically implementing a “Sun up to Sun down” workday...

02 May 2022
Paul Okhrem

Cryptocurrency in ecommerce — more than just a hype

Fiat money is a means of the mutual financial settlement between the market players. Be it for physical products or services, consumers look for flexibility in payment methods. Digital currencies are ...

26 Apr 2022
Konstantin Rabin

Top tools to use for website visitor conversion in fintech

If you want to get results and generate leads in digital marketing, you'll need the right tools. Conversion rate optimization solutions are essential if you want to maximize your SEO and marketing eff...

11 Apr 2022
Nick Boyer

AI: Helping businesses navigate the pressures of inflation

UK businesses are being hit by the highest levels of inflation in over 30 years, with Input Producer Price Inflation hitting 13.6% on the year to January 2022. In comparison, output price inflation wa...

29 Mar 2022
Ed Whitehead

Fraud prevention in the new SCA era

A new payment regulation, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), will soon be mandatory in the UK. In March 2022 this once-in-a-generation change will come into force for UK retailers, and bring with i...

24 Feb 2022

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