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Discuss business-related to fintech and/or how financial services can business owners.

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Amy Lane

Bitcoin is more than just an investment

Despite being one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is often criticized for “not having any real-life use cases.” Well, nothing can be far from the truth. Millions of people are already us...

01 Sep 2023
Amy Lane

Bitcoin vs. Traditional Payment Methods: What Is a Better Choice?

A payment method simplifies the mode of transaction of money simplified for the users and is reliable to them. There are certain qualities different payment methods have that make them unique. Various...

17 Aug 2023
Amy Lane

Why accept Bitcoin payments?

Bitcoin has been accepted worldwide nowadays due to its advanced accessibility by merchants and customer convenience. There are many reasons to accept Bitcoin payments, as it makes you stand apart fro...

27 Jul 2023
Amy Lane

Crypto transforming iGaming and Online Gambling

The global gambling market is growing in leaps and bounds. In 2023, it was valued at $263.3 billion and is expected to grow at 5.6% in 2023. Cryptocurrency can play a vital role in accelerating iGamin...

18 Jul 2023
Amy Lane

Crypto helping the unbanked citizens

Over 7.1 million US households are unbanked — according to a recent survey by FDIC. Meaning no one in the household has a bank account. Lack of trust among financial institutions and privacy concerns ...

07 Jul 2023
Victor Martin

Designing for AR & VR: What you need to know

Augmented reality ( AR) and virtual reality ( VR) have forever changed the way we interact with technology, opening up exciting possibilities for immersive experiences. As these technologies continue ...

28 Jun 2023
Amy Lane

Simplify your payment process with Payment Links: Explore how they work

Accepting online and digital payments come with lengthy processing and charges. Certain technical platforms or tools are required to facilitate the payment process. These platforms sometimes charge a ...

26 Jun 2023
Amy Lane

What are crypto payment gateways and how do they work?

Nowadays, payment methods are constantly evolving to catch up with the advancement of currencies. Traditional payment systems are effective, but there are various limitations that businesses face acro...

21 Jun 2023
Monali Kapadiya

Future-Proofing Your Business with SAP Business One ERP in the Digital Era

In today's ever-changing business landscape, it is more important than ever to have a system in place that can help you stay ahead of the curve. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can do jus...

16 Jun 2023
Roenen Ben-Ami

How healthy customer relationships improve bottom-line figures

Running a business is never just about delivering a product people want. While fulfilling needs is important for a business to survive, building positive customer relationships is necessary for an ent...

06 Jun 2023

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