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Marc Murphy

A horizontal lifecycle approach to regulatory onboarding

Over the last few months alone, we’ve witnessed: the finalisation of FATCA, Dodd-Frank, EMIR, MiFID II rules, the proposal for an enhancement of existing money laundering rules in the form of the 4th...

09 Jul 2013
Financial Services Regulation
Patricia Hines

International Expansion in Financial Services

Corporates in advanced economies are accelerating their international expansion ambitions as they look to escape slow growth at home and expand abroad, looking to capture sales growth in geographies t...

02 Jul 2013
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

Half a job

MiFID, the mother of all European financial regulation, rumbles on and on. The European Commission’s MiFID IIconsultation in 2011, the Ferber Report in March 2012, and the European Parliament vote in ...

10 Jun 2013
Marc Murphy

Beneficial Ownership: A KYC opportunity or data nightmare?

Beneficial ownership is gaining significant exposure at the moment, with the UK intending to use its presidency of the G8 Leaders’ Summit next month to promote the improvement of international co-oper...

28 May 2013
Financial Services Regulation
Syfin Sreenivasan

FpML in Syndication

What is FpML? FpML is Financial Product Markup Language; it is an attempt to have the systems of different financial institutions speak and understand a common language and communicate electronically....

14 May 2013
Alan Jenkins

Ten Years of Competitive Clearing

This long weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of Competitive Clearing for Equities. It was on Monday 5th May 2003 that virt-x exchange, the former Tradepoint (and subsequently re-named SW...

05 May 2013
Enrico Camerinelli

Something New Happening in Transaction Banking?

I am happy to share the initial findings of my research on how transaction banking is transforming. I will post additional information as my research develops and new fact-based findings emerge. Tra...

29 Apr 2013
Transaction Banking
Enrico Camerinelli

The Risks of Working Capital Optimization

To counter the impact of the current macro-economic distress triggered by the 2008 financial crisis, corporate treasurers have been challenged for the last 5 years to optimize their company’s working ...

24 Apr 2013
Treasury Management
Paul Blank

Can research drive execution, prove it?

Ask the head of research at any major bank, and they will tell you that their insightful research is a core competence for the bank, and a reflection of their deep understanding of the markets, and a ...

15 Apr 2013
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Still missing universal reference numbers in SEPA

In a paper SEPA looks wonderful, but implementation is lacking. Just in my own experience I run in to difficulty few weeks ago, because SEPA could not deliver the promise. I paid a bill from my belgia...

12 Apr 2013
Online Banking
Manuj Mukherjee


As financial crisis looms large, most banks across the globe are showing remarkable alacrity in lapping up the recommendations made in Basel 3 as promulgated by the Basel Committee on Banking supervis...

08 Apr 2013
Retired Member

The effect of BASEL III on liquidity

Cross-border flows are getting more emphasis in recent times with traditionally domestic focused institutions looking for cross-border trade. Countries from Asia-Pacific, Africa, and South America are...

02 Apr 2013