Ketharaman Swaminathan

Ketharaman Swaminathan

Founder and CEO at GTM360 Marketing Solutions
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Bio As Founder and CEO, S. Ketharaman provides overall direction and leadership toward setting and achievement of GTM360's goals and objectives. Career History S. Ketharaman has a unique combination of Information Technology products and services experience resulting from his professional career spanning over two decades at leading technology companies like Fujitsu, Oracle, Ramco and Wipro. More at



Will ChatGPT Kill Coders?

05 Dec 2023

While building the new website of my company, I asked ChatGPT for code for the following responsive design elements: 3 images side by side Table with 2 rows, first row with 3 images, second row with 3 links 3 images side by side on one line and 3 links on the next line 3 images side by side with linked captions. ChatGPT responded back with code s...


Unpacking Embedded Finance From Consumer POV

23 Nov 2023

Whenever a new term enters the hype cycle, it's fashionable for people to bandy it about all the time, sometimes correctly but most of the time loosely. Embedded Finance is one such term. In this post, we will unpack the term, specifically from the consumer point-of-view. A consumer goods retailer in India offered installment purchase of transistor...


Why Are Bills And Statements So Frigging Hard To Decipher?

31 Oct 2023

People regularly complain that it's very hard to decipher bills and statements from banks. Rant from Quora: Why are the description info on Bank Account Statements so confusing? We cannot find what is the debit for and from whom the payment / transfer has come in. End of the month when you see the statement we have to break our heads to decipher t...


Consumer Credit Ratings Should NOT Get More Personal

16 Oct 2023

In a recent op-ed entitled Credit Ratings Need To Get Personal in the Economic Times, the authors compare corporate credit rating and consumer credit rating and make the case for enriching consumer credit rating by pointing to the more-enriched composition of corporate credit rating. In my opinion, this is a false equivalence for at least two reas...