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In the world of international trade, the process of exchanging payments, information and documents between buyers, sellers, banks, and other involved parties is becoming increasingly important for financial institutions. This community aims at presenting views and innovative ideas related to this financial supply chain space.

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Nick Green

The beginner's guide to data benchmarking

Access to high quality data is a must within the credit industry. Not only does it ensure scorecard improvement for credit firms, it also enables fair and transparent credit decisions for consumers to...

17 Mar 2022
Nick Green

How procurement can drive innovation and efficiencies in financial services

How procurement can drive innovation and efficiencies in financial services The financial services sector is going through extraordinary levels of transformation. These external pressures are forcing ...

22 Feb 2022
Nick Green

How financial services procurement can gain better leverage with credit data providers

How financial services procurement can gain better leverage with credit data providers Over the last few years, financial services businesses have grown to rely on procurement to support and strengthe...

15 Feb 2022
Farah Miller

Rubber industry grapples with aftershock of China’s crackdown

The crackdown on power consumption coupled with the crisis of Evergrande Group looms large over the demand for natural rubber in China as the industrial manufacturing sector of the country faces a set...

01 Nov 2021
Farah Miller

Commodity Pricing: the Need for Transparent Pricing to Benefit Supply Chains and Address ESG Risks

Change Opaque Markets – focus on agri-commodities The lack of transparency is an infamous issue in the commodities market because it creates an inherent inability to accurately price risk. This issue...

15 Jul 2021
Richard Blore

ESG is becoming a critical component in Supply Chain. Are you ready?

Social and Governance in the supply chain The focus on non-financial, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data and metrics continues to increase across all industries and regions. Both public a...

11 Jun 2021
Payson Johnton

Invoice Financing 101: What is Invoice and Receivables Financing?

It’s undeniable that the pandemic has been especially hard on small to medium enterprises, or SMEs. While multinational corporations like Amazon and Tesla have grown astronomically over the pandemic, ...

31 May 2021
Olivier Gazon

Innovative commercial finance underwriting can profitably ignite economic recovery

The current economic slump creates a trade finance paradox: Banks do not grant new credit limits, tight be regulatory constraints. Credit insurers face deep losses on traditional credit insurance sch...

15 Jul 2020
Ron Delnevo

US coin shortage a DISASTER for cash!

Cock up - or a conspiracy? Whichever it is, this shortage of coins is a disaster for cash. Many retailers are looking for excuses to limit cash use and this shortage is a gift to them as they pursue t...

04 Jul 2020
Retired Member

Cash in the time of Covid: why we need to listen to the experts to protect this vital payment method

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on almost every area of our lives: from travel to shopping, the economy to health services. Understandably, these are emotive issues – things that we previously may have...

06 Apr 2020

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