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In the world of international trade, the process of exchanging payments, information and documents between buyers, sellers, banks, and other involved parties is becoming increasingly important for financial institutions. This community aims at presenting views and innovative ideas related to this financial supply chain space.

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Mark Trevor

Cash in the time of Covid: why we need to listen to the experts to protect this vital payment method

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on almost every area of our lives: from travel to shopping, the economy to health services. Understandably, these are emotive issues – things that we previously may have...

06 Apr 2020
Retired Member

Timely Information is key for Supply Chain Finance

Given today’s technology and the increasing speed of payments why is there $2 trillion in financeable secure payables locked in the supply chain? McKinsey believes this could be worth potentially $20...

04 Mar 2019
Mark Trevor

Cash use prior to the 23rd century

Natalie Ceeney’s recently published UK Access to Cash review asks us to consider the implications of a society where physical cash doesn’t exist. It got me thinking of a video clip I used to open a re...

20 Dec 2018
Enrico Camerinelli

Blockchain in The Supply Chain Use Cases: Inventory Finance

The analysis of use cases proposed by Community NdT participants continues. Inventory Finance (proposed by a winery). The use case leverages the characteristics of blockchain data traceability and uni...

11 Feb 2018
Bob Lyddon

Carillion: further detail on recommendations to unsecured creditors. Please share if you know any

Since my earlier blog it has come out that the liquidator is indeed “dealing in” Carillion’s contracts and this is very important for the unsecured creditors who have supplied and remained unpaid in t...

24 Jan 2018
Bob Lyddon

Carillion: who is protecting the Trade and other Unsecured Creditors?

The collapse of Carillion poses an urgent question for participants in Supply Chains who have no payment security, and have made deliveries of goods and services with a credit period. That means almos...

19 Jan 2018
Enrico Camerinelli

New Credit Scoring Models Ahead

Banks will profile corporate credit risk blending financial indicators with supply chain performance metrics. This point represents the hinge that will connect corporate supply chain process data with...

21 Dec 2017
Retired Member

Signs of hope on late payments?

Across multiple industries, the issue of late payment is often a cause for concern. In the retail trade in particular, headlines featuring struggling small businesses and lengthy delays are a regula

11 Jul 2017
Enrico Camerinelli

Applying Blockchain in the Supply Chain

I have posted a long document on Linkedin (Applying Blockchain in the Supply Chain) describing which blockchain features best apply to the Supply Chain process elements below. I wish I could post it h...

06 Jun 2017
Retired Member

Seven ways to boost supply chain resilience

Supply chain failures compromise the ability of an organisation to operate effectively and in extreme circumstances even to survive. Yet many businesses struggle to mitigate the risk of such failures:...

15 May 2017