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Marc Murphy

Marc Murphy

CEO at Fenergo
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Bio Marc, CEO Fenergo, is a financial technology specialist with fifteen years experience developing, selling, and delivering enterprise software to banks and financial institutions. His responsibility is to deliver a strong growth forecast for the business over the next five years in customer acquisiti


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Customer Experience: The Competitive Battleground for Financial Institutions

17 Sep 2018

In an increasingly fast-paced and digital world full of hype and buzzwords, it seems like the focus can often be on implementing new and innovative technologies without considering the main purpose of digitalization: to create a better customer experience that increases both wallet and market share. Customer experience is no longer just an added b...

Financial Services Regulation

Managing Regulatory Data is Key to Faster Compliance and Client Onboarding

21 Apr 2015

It’s been a calamitous few years for investment banking. Between profit slumps, job cuts, unprecedented fines for non-compliance and the incessant onslaught of regulatory pressures, it’s been one controversial crises after another. So much so that financial institutions have been busily retrenching and reducing the size and importance of their inv...


7 Ways to Improve Regulatory Document Management

11 Mar 2014

At a recent AML event, a speaker from a global financial institution claimed that regulatory coverage of documentation was a hugely problematic and thorny issue for his organisation. In fact, judging by the nodding heads in the audience, it’s a problem for most financial institutions. Documentation is required to show evidence of compliance and do...


Financial Services Regulation

Future-proofing beyond FATCA with bulk auto-classification

23 Jul 2013

There’s little doubt that the six-month FATCA compliance delay is a welcome reprieve for foreign financial institutions (FFIs) across the world. It comes at a time when FFIs were beginning to feel overwhelmed – not necessarily by the complexity of what they have to do to become FATCA compliant, but by how much they need to do. Financial institutio...