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Ecosystem banking: the role of platforms in corporate banking

The needs of your corporate banking clients are changing. Demand for digital-first solutions, automation, and rich data has steadily increased over the past decade. We’ve seen some improvements to co...

29 Nov 2022
Tushar Chitra

Is supply chain finance gaining traction over documentary trade?

Over the years, there has been considerable speculation on the impending growth of supply chain finance at a rate higher than growth in documentary trade. According to a report by McKinsey, the CAGR ...

03 Nov 2021
Andreas Hobbelin

Heard about Hurds bank?

No, it’s not a Bank, it’s an offshore bank located east of Malta (35°53'N 14°45'E) and hardly visible on the map What about Hurds bank? If I say bypassing sanctions, do I have your attention? Since...

01 Jul 2021
Zhenya Winter

Cross Border Payments in Europe – Strategic Innovation Through Co-Existence

What is the opportunity for cross-border business growth? As global business continues to expand, so too does the volume of cross-border payments. There are currently $120 trillion in global B2B payme...

14 Jun 2021
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Corporate Account Structures, Payments and Intra-Day Liquidity Management

The world of manufacturing has seen JIT (Just In Time) for a long time now. Machine tool operators do not need to keep large inventories of raw material next to their machines. This has improved cash...

09 Jul 2020
John Bertrand

April 2020: Banks to double fees on 19 million accounts

Doubling the interest rate on current accounts for 19 million accounts could add an additional £2.4 billion a year income for banks: so how do we handle this with empathy during a pandemic? The econom...

04 Apr 2020
John Burgos

How to help your customers eliminate the go to the bank from their to-do list

When most people think about the term “Bank” they probably envision a retail branch with long queues, behind a rope waiting to seek the services of a teller or branch representative. Well those days a...

13 Mar 2020
Steve Morgan


For commercial banks, a nagging issue is how to improve cross border payments. Compared to domestic payments they are more expensive, cumbersome and take longer to carry out. But despite banking techn...

15 Nov 2019
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Global Trade Finance move to digital

Trade Finance is possibly the last cottage industry in financial services. Trade finance originally started out as a specialist area, often known as the International Department. There are similaritie...

09 Oct 2019
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Digital Transaction Banking SIBOS 2019 draws to a close....

On the first day of Sibos My Transaction Banker gave to me A current account and OD facility On the second day of Sibos My Transaction Banker gave to me Two virtual accounts And A current account and...

26 Sep 2019

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