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The boy is back in town!!

Well I may not have posted for such a long time but I have been receiving my Finextra every day and reading them. One of the good things about being ill is that it gives you time to read and reflect and also investigate some of the in-equalities that we in our modern day society take for granted!

Lets choose something simple like “Banking” it’s something we take for granted not only in the UK but all across the Finextra world that we live, work and play in. But look closely and you will see that it’s not something we should automatically accept.

Over 2,000,000 (yes, that’s 2 big ones) do not have bank accounts in the UK (actually depending upon who you talk to another 600,000 people should be included). Now these financially excluded people (that’s the pc word that you have to use today) are not bankable for a variety of reasons and some may say, well all they have to do is apply on-line or go to a bank and fill in the relevant forms, to them I say wake up and smell the coffee-beans!
To other people around the world do not think this is a UK only issue, every
country around the world has the same issues.

I have not turned into some bleeding heart liberal since I have been away, but have been lucky enough to have a partner who has supported me through “thick and thin” allowing me the chance to step back and look at the problems we have bought on our selves. Who would have thought that the largest growing banks in the UK are “food banks” (apologies to my so called 3rd world readers) now that is something we in the modern world associated with places like the horn of Africa. This is the UK in the 21st century and we in the UK have “food banks”

Society needs a healthy banking system. Did you realise that if you do not bank you could be paying in excess of £45 per month in extra costs because you do not have a bank account (check it out on line there is a lot of information vailable). As one person (who sleeps on the night bus from Piccadilly to Heathrow 5, longest single journey on the London night bus service) stated “for most of us you are only one pay check away from this life style” There but for the grace of God goes a lot of us

Well some of us are disgusted and fed up enough to start doing something and an organisation will be announced from Liverpool town hall next Monday (12th August 2013, 1100 BST) which in its own way will seek to rectify this inequality in our society and try to help some of the people that need good, sound financial assistance and access to some of the best banking technology available today. Abide is the word keep your eyes and ears open!

I will during the course of this week post some more information as to what is happening and provide you with web site information and our PR company will be making further announcements on our behalf as we get closer to the 12th.

It’s going to be the start of an interesting ride Ladies and gentlemen and I will keep you posted as to what is happening (hopefully my written English and grammar will improve as well) It’s good to be back. Love to you all      Steve


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Terry Day
Terry Day - International Financial Systems - London 06 August, 2013, 13:56Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Welcome back lad. Good to see you fit and well again.

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