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Bob Lyddon

Predictions for the Payments industry in 2018 - New Entrants

This is the second of our predictions for the Payments industry in 2018, and it is about New Entrants to the payments business. The main focus is on Third-Party Providers and Payment Institutions as o...

29 Dec 2017
Transaction Banking
Bob Lyddon

Predictions for the Payments industry in 2018 - Open Banking

This is the first of our predictions for the Payments industry in 2018, and it is about the UK's Open Banking. This is a very high-profile and government-endorsed project to open up Retail and SME ban...

27 Dec 2017
Disruption in Retail Banking
Anne Leslie-Bini

Betting on 'banking with backbone'

In a recent blog post, I floated the idea that it might be time to renew the ‘purpose’ of banking by incentivizing ethical behavior, and I asked whether challenger banks – such as Monzo, Metro, Tand...

20 Dec 2017
Disruption in Retail Banking
Retired Member

Stakeholder Anxiety

As our company grows, so does our number of strategic stakeholders. Managing this growing group of executives is a difficult and delicate task because conflicting interests and a lot of big egos are h...

01 Dec 2017
Carl Rogers

How To Tackle The Biggest Challenge for FinTech Companies - Customer Acquisition

In the last few years I have been mentoring multiple early stage fintech companies through accelerator programs as well as directly. Although I should not be I am continually surprised to learn that f...

30 Nov 2017
Retired Member

The UK - the best place to be a RegTech company?

On 22nd November, the UK government reaffirmed its commitment to having a leading regulatory and technology environment in the UK. Within the Autumn Budget 2017 speech, the Rt Hon Philip Hammond anno...

29 Nov 2017
Retired Member

Trading Platforms Delivered as a Service

During the last decade the term “cloud” has become a mainstream keyword in most of IT topics. The cloud has changed the way institutions and companies are managing their needs. As a concept, when di

27 Nov 2017
Kunal Patel

What's It Really Like Working For FinTech Start-ups?

I get asked this question a lot by the corporate community with whom I am typically engaged with, usually this would comprise of senior figures from the BFSI community. The people I am usually in conv...

13 Nov 2017
Jose Carvalho

Financial foundations for a fintech start-up

Starting a business is never an easy feat. But in the fast-moving and competitive world of fintech, and with worldwide economic and geopolitical conditions changing every day, start-ups in the fintech...

01 Nov 2017
Fintech innovation and startups
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Aspirational Selling Is Not Overselling

Every now and then I come across a techie complaining that their sales is overselling, thus making their job of creating a satisfied customer harder. For example, take this OP on Quora, who asks: Is i...

23 Oct 2017
Retired Member

Raising Money- It's all about the Benjamins baby

Fundraising... The eternal topic at of any start-up conversation. And understandably so. Funding is scale, scale is success. Success is happiness… Right? After raising the biggest ever Aussie A-round ...

10 Oct 2017
Retired Member

You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, so goes the saying

You can’t successfully become a data led organisation without the right leadership. A recent study, conducted by Forrester in collaboration with Atos, found that the adoption of data analytics is alr...

06 Oct 2017
Disruption in Retail Banking