Anne Leslie-Bini

Anne Leslie-Bini

CEO at Pikcio RegTech
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Bio Well known on social media ifor her engagement on topics such as RegTech, Fintech, Blockchain and Privacy, Anne is an accomplished conference speaker and a regular contributor to publications on the future of banking and the international regulatory environment. Career History Anne Leslie began her career at BNP-Paribas Securities Services and is currently CEO at Pikcio RegTech (specialised in KYC and customer data portability), while also mentoring start-ups incubated by the BNP Paribas Plug and Play Fintech accelerator at Station F in Paris.


Information Security

IFTTT: or what happens when banking finally hits the cloud

14 Jun 2018

There is a whole bunch of really smart people in FinTech of which Leda Glyptis, Chris Skinner, Sam Maule and all the other gals and guys at 11:FS are just a few. While each has a mind of their own, what they do have in common is a deep-seated conviction that the banking industry isn’t doing a terribly good job of transforming itself and that t...

Disruption in Retail Banking

Betting on 'banking with backbone'

20 Dec 2017

In a recent blog post, I floated the idea that it might be time to renew the ‘purpose’ of banking by incentivizing ethical behavior, and I asked whether challenger banks – such as Monzo, Metro, Tandem, Revolut, N26 et al. - are actually up to the challenge of rehabilitating the core of the banking industry, which has managed to entirely bankrupt ...


Disruption in Retail Banking

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems: it’s time to incentivise purpose in banking

01 May 2017

“I want to create a lender that people don't hate” said Denise Kingsmill, the chair of the board at U.K. challenger bank Monzo. Now there’s a pithy declaration that speaks volumes about the state of the banking industry and the times we live in. But how should we read this: are her comments simply savvy market positioning, tapping into the desider...


RegTech: when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

09 Feb 2017

When the year 2008 is mentioned, it is generally associated with the untimely demise of Lehman Brothers and the ensuing financial chaos that engulfed the global economy and rocked it to its very core. Yet, for all the economic damage that the financial crisis is credited with causing, the year 2008 in fact marked the genesis of a societal phenomen...