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Bob Lyddon

Consultant at Lyddon Consulting Services
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Bio Consultant in payments, electronic banking, banking regulation and international banking services. Career History IBOS 2003-2016; PwC 1997-2000; BankBoston 1994-1997; ManTrust/Chemical 1985-1994; Sanwa Bank 1994-1995; Lloyds Bank International 1980-1984.



FarageGate shows the ‘Trusted KYC Data Sharing’ project must be stopped

05 Jul 2023

Whatever one’s opinion of Nigel Farage, the concept that he can be de-banked should be troubling to everyone. It should be even more troubling to those familiar with the financial industry’s measures to counter financial crime, as remedies being applied by banks are more extreme than is required of them, and may not even be available to them in th...


Silicon Valley Bank UK saved! UK tech and fintech pantomime can finish its spring season!

20 Mar 2023

As previously published on News Uncut, courtesy of Jasmine Birtles of Money Magpie and regular columnist in the Daily Mail. It must be great to have money, status and power. A few phonecalls and emails and you can get the UK’s Prime Minister,[1] the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, the City Minister and the Science ...


ISO20022 – The Great Leap Sideways

10 Oct 2022

The payment industry’s migration to the ISO20022 XML data format promises much, or rather the list of promises is long and the same as it has been for a long time, and is very promising: richer data, easier data mining, easier compliance-checking and harmonization (aka everyone else is going to use it so we should too). Multiple years of effort, a...



Card-acquiring market remedies for the UK: as usual, the PSR rolls over

09 Oct 2022

On 6th October 2022 the PSR published its Final Decisions under reference PS22/2 on its ‘work’ on Card-acquiring market remedies, a major and multi-year programme on the costs for UK merchants of accepting payments by card, which primarily means cards branded to Visa and Mastercard. The PSR’s ‘remedies’ fall below the lowest expectations of what c...

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