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Garima Chaudhary

Head of Fin. Crime Solution Consulting - Americas at Oracle
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Bio I manage Oracle's Financial Crime and Compliance Solution Consulting organization (team of domain SMEs) for the Americas, covering the key domains of Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, Sanctions, Fraud, Advanced Analytics and Regulatory Reporting. Career History Over 15 years of experience in financial crime, compliance, risk, business and IT strategy. I have advised a broad range of financial institution globally on their financial crime compliance journeys to transform and drive value.


Financial Services Regulation

What U.K. bank CEOs can do now to close gaps in their anti-money laundering controls

20 Oct 2021

Introduction The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulator of financial markets in the U.K., flexed its muscles in March of this year when it launched its first attempted prosecution for anti-money laundering (AML) failings against NatWest. A couple of months later, David Geale, the Director of Retail Banking and Payments Supervision for th...

Innovation in Financial Services

8 Ways Innovative Technologies can Boost AML/CFT Program Effectiveness

08 Sep 2021

The current financial crime compliance management efforts are based on a combination of automated but static analysis of a pre-determined set of risk factors, together with human judgement. Legacy systems are updated with new algorithms and manually inputted information, generating matrixes for risk interpretation and action, but these very rarely...

Innovation in Financial Services

How Graph Analytics Revolutionizes the War Against Human Trafficking

02 Feb 2021

The United Nations Office of Drug Crime estimates that $800 billion to $2 trillion, or 2-5% of global GDP, is laundered globally every year. What is driving this massive amount of money laundering? After drug trafficking, human trafficking is the second top motive for money laundering. Forced labor generates over $150 billion per year by robbing ...

Innovation in Financial Services

How Advanced Technologies Can Fight Money Laundering by Drug Traffickers

26 Jan 2021

Drug Trafficking Is Widespread Drug trafficking is a global problem—and despite decades of research, regulations, and enforcement, it remains a $400 billion global business. Government ministries and agencies around the world continuously monitor and research illicit drug markets to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this nefarious industr...