Barley Laing

Barley Laing

UK Managing Director at Melissa
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Bio Barley's role is focused on ensuring clients meet their customer onboarding, data quality and compliance needs; including their ID, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. He and his team at Melissa work with the likes of Bank of America, Creditsafe and MetaBank. Career History With 17 years of experience in the data industry, Barley was previously CEO at World Address, founded 2LT, and held senior management positions at: ADC; BT; Shell and Xerox.



Biometrics: 2022 is the year of facial verification

22 Feb 2022

Biometric technology has only been taken seriously by many in financial services since the start of the pandemic, which made the remote onboarding of customers a necessity. Biometrics is already proving itself to be an important identity verification option for financial institutions, particularly as technology continues to evolve in this area. In...

Data Management and Governance

Direct mail: the standout communications channel for financial services in 2022

19 Jan 2022

Direct mail has long been a vital communications channel for financial services. It’s used to engage with customers and prospects on everything from information on fluctuating interest rates to new loan and mortgage products. Its popularity is supported by research from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), revealing that around 70 per cent of a...

Digital Identity Management

How address verification can solve a number of challenges for those in financial services in 2022

14 Dec 2021

Address verification is often viewed simply as a practice that improves the accuracy of direct mail. However, it offers much more than that to the financial services industry that’s facing a number of challenges in 2022. Improve the customer experience and reduce cost with communications The financial services industry is a major user of direct mai...

Banking Regulations

The Pandora Papers underline the importance of PEP checks

10 Nov 2021

The recent release of the Pandora Papers has shone a light on the sometimes unethical or corrupt practises of the politically connected and the super-rich. For those in financial services the Papers highlight the importance of having access to politically exposed persons (PEPs) data as part of their anti-money laundering (AML) checks. In the UK, ba...