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The financial services industry has much to contribute to the UN and World Bank goal of full financial inclusion by 2020. This group will focus on industry contributions, ideas, barriers and enablers.

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Michelle King

Are financial services ready for Gen Z?

Facebook has a problem. Gen Z thinks it’s a stale old “boomer” platform. In 2012, 94% of teens had an account. A decade later, it’s thought only 27% of adolescents use the network. Last year, Mark ...

01 Mar 2022
Amita Choudhary

International Money Transfer Services – 2021 Recap and Future Predictions

The global COVID pandemic has propelled payments, and specifically online and contactless transactions, into new highs. Based on McKinsey’s Global Payment Report for 2021, a “V shaped recovery” was ...

03 Feb 2022
Mike Penner

How Fintech Companies are Solving the Unbanked Crisis

It goes without saying that the pandemic has changed our lives in profound ways. Everything from how we work to how we socialize has been altered completely. One of the many noticeable changes centers...

28 Jan 2022
Dexter Penn

12 Scams of Christmas

As Christmas Day fast approaches, many of us will be frantically last-minute shopping to ensure a Christmas to remember, not least after last year’s lockdown Christmas. Typically, UK households spend ...

22 Dec 2021
Amita Choudhary

Easy ways to improve your financial privacy

In the modern world, we are all so used to our data being for sale that many of us do not even really evaluate the issue. However, while we might not mind our email address or name being on a marketin...

20 Dec 2021
Andrew Beatty

Digital Financial Inclusion: Why It Matters and What’s Driving Change

Financial inclusion is a major global challenge that can be difficult to define. However, most commentators agree that it begins with access to mainstream financial products. Jim Yong Kim, President o...

02 Dec 2021
Stephan Wolf

Why Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets is the Backbone of a Strong Global Supply Chain

LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group), Zimbabwe’s NMB Bank Limited, GLEIF, Cenfri and Cornerstone Advisory Plus recently collaborated to launch the first iteration of GLEIF’s digital business identity in...

17 Nov 2021
Aurélie L'hostis

Rethinking The “S” In ESG: The Inclusive Finance Imperative

In the past two weeks, the eyes of the world have been on Glasgow and the COP26 summit, where international lawmakers, business leaders, and activists convened to bring climate change under control — ...

11 Nov 2021
Amita Choudhary

Premier Fee Billing Software for the Finance Services Industry

Are you satisfied with the accuracy and efficiency of your current fee billing process? If not, have you considered other ways of streamlining your billing and invoicing operations? A fully compliant ...

15 Oct 2021
Matt Lonsdale

Silent Disco

Before the world went into lockdown my wife arranged a child free weekend for us in London which included spending the night at the silent disco in The Shard. The concept being three DJ’s, Red, Blue ...

29 Sep 2021

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