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The financial services industry has much to contribute to the UN and World Bank goal of full financial inclusion by 2020. This group will focus on industry contributions, ideas, barriers and enablers.

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Pooja K

Fintech is Set to Transform the Role of Future Accountants

The role of accountants is changing by the minute, and the field is rapidly shedding away it’s old, demeure, and cautious face. New technologies are making the job of accountants easier, but could als...

04 Oct 2019
Ron Delnevo

UK Post Office Access To Cash - Setting Back Service Standards By Half A Century?

More stories this week in Britain about the potential for Post Offices to replace ATMs as far as the supply of cash to the public is concerned. There is a heavy irony in Post Offices now being touted ...

03 Oct 2019
Pooja K

Big Data is Revolutionizing the World of Finance - Here’s How

Our ability to gather, compile, and mine for data is greater than it ever was and continues to grow by the minute. Big data analytics is affecting nearly every industry, but there are few sectors wher...

16 Sep 2019
Amy T

Improving Money Management Capabilities for Your Business

There are lots of different ways to approach money management in the context of a business. And while some might seem more attractive for your situation than others, it’s important to analyze all of t...

24 Aug 2019
Pooja K

DiversyFund Reviews Behaviors of the One Percent that May Help Everyday Americans

There is a small group of U.S. citizens that are earning the majority of the country's income. In fact, TIME reports that in 2017, 1 of every 5 dollars generated that year went into the bank accounts...

22 Aug 2019
Pooja K

BND Capital: The case for discretionary investment management

Most individuals aim to invest a reasonable amount of their assets for the future, in a way that ensures adequate growth and capital preservation. But investing can be very hard and many struggle to f...

15 Aug 2019
Amy T

Why You Must Always Work with Licensed Lenders

The lending market is quite diverse, especially on the personal side. There are tons of options available to anyone in need of a loan, regardless of the sum and other factors. And as with many other t...

08 Aug 2019
Jamie Barclay

Dearth in access to UK financial services intensifies

The digital current account provider Pockit has offered some telling new insight into the access to financial services debate by comparing the rate of bank branch closures with deprivation rates in En...

26 Jul 2019
Graham Seel

Can Savings Group to Bank Linkage Really Work? A Tale of Two Banks

There has been plenty of discussion in recent years about the effectiveness of linking informal Savings Groups with formal Financial Service Providers. Some people will tell you that they are very eff...

16 Jul 2019
Ron Delnevo

Payment Choice - Not Everybody's Cup of Tea?

I started scribing this article on July the 4th, so it is perhaps natural that my British mind turned to tea. However, my own brain had no room for thoughts about Boston. No. My Gray Matter was focuse...

10 Jul 2019