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The financial services industry has much to contribute to the UN and World Bank goal of full financial inclusion by 2020. This group will focus on industry contributions, ideas, barriers and enablers.

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Maysam Rizvi

Why the FCA’s Consumer Duty Regulations Will Create a New Opportunity for Fintech

The FCA’s new consumer duty regulations, coming into force on the 27th of July, require firms to deliver good outcomes for retail customers. Financial Institutions are concerned about the new regulati...

06 Jul 2023
Chris Wilgoss

Emerging market considerations for the Fed

Ahead of rate meetings, the Fed faces a whipsawing dilemma each time. Can they raise rates considering the current state of the banking market and impending credit issues? But equally, can they afford...

07 Jun 2023
Steve Round

Closing the gap: How purpose-driven finance can drive the levelling up agenda

The Financial Services (FS) industry is the largest taxpayer in the UK, contributing around 10% of the UK’s total economic output. But the industry still has more to give to help the UK “level up”. ...

23 May 2023
Joris Lochy

Improving Financial Access for Refugees: How Fintechs Can Foster Inclusion

As the world faces unprecedented numbers of refugees (from countries like Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Venezuela…​), it is more important than ever to find structural solutions to improve the...

19 May 2023
Ritesh Jain

Navigating the Transition to a Cashless Society: Balancing Inclusion and Digital Innovation

The ongoing shift towards a cashless society in the UK presents an intriguing landscape, promising enhanced convenience and efficiency. However, we must remain cognisant of the potential impact on c

16 May 2023
Bruce Mason

The Role of Testing in Improving Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion implies availability and accessibility of financial services to all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status, geographic location, or other factors. It is crucial for ...

19 Apr 2023
Steve Haley

Achieving Financial Equity Across Asia and Africa Requires a Digital Approach to Financial Inclusion

As the world signals a potential recession, now more than ever small investments in inclusive financial infrastructure will potentially go a long way for migrant workers, small businesses and sole pro...

20 Mar 2023
Victor Martin

How Much Should Companies Invest In Their Marketing Spend?

Milan Cundera once declared, "Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation." Even though ongoing studies demonstrate a higher Return On Investment (ROI) with investing in Marke...

24 Jan 2023
Julia McColl

Confronting financial exclusion: what banks can learn from fintechs

In the current economic climate, as people all over the UK are grappling with record-high inflation and still-rising interest rates, it’s been suggested that as much as 40% of the population could fa...

04 Jan 2023
Colin Grieves

How data analysis is key to understanding rising living costs

The ability to analyse and use the relevant data, in the right way, and in real time, is the key to harnessing the true value that data holds. Data analysis can play a crucial role in helping us respo...

18 Nov 2022

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