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Criminals are smart, and detection capabilities need to be smarter and always adapting to stay one step ahead. Time to drive out pointless investigations and finding true malignancies hidden from existing rules and machine learning techniques. Join us for conversations and articles on how to refocus financial crimes investigations into actually stopping crime.

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15 years since Madoff and our obsession with financial crime continues

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since the Madoff scandal was uncovered? 15 years since the global financial crash. In fact, it was that incident that signalled the end for Bernie Madoff, the financ...

03 May 2023
Sam Compton

Tackling financial fraud: How threats are changing throughout the global downturn

Right now, households in the UK are facing some of the most challenging economic conditions in decades. Although economic forecasts have shown a touch of optimism in recent weeks, the economy is stil...

06 Apr 2023
Oliver Tearle


Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has already had a pervasive impact on our lives, with many experts sharing their opinions on the technology’s industry changing commercial potential and how it ...

09 Mar 2023
Matthew Salisbury

Wangiri 2.0 scam. Is your business protected?

I know what you’re wondering. Wangiri. What the heck does that mean? It’s a Japanese word meaning ‘one (ring) and cut’. So called because fraudsters make one ring calls to consumers from high-rate ove...

08 Feb 2023
Gabriel Hopkins

Wirecard: Inside and Outside the Tsunami

There’s no shortage of articles in the press this week and last about the start of the prosecution of Wirecard executives for fraud, but how is it possible that such a large-scale fraud took so long ...

13 Dec 2022
Jonathan Hancock

‘Fighting Fraud: Breaking the Chain’

A review of The House of Lords Fraud Act 2006 and Digital Fraud Committee’s new report, ‘Fighting Fraud: Breaking the Chain’ “Fraud is the most commonly experienced crime in England and Wales today a...

23 Nov 2022
Peter Thomas

Cash is King, could Cheque be right?

Our economy has taken some really tough hits over this past couple of years. COVID has been a defining factor in how we continue to operate and do business. We were already on the cusp of change with ...

17 Oct 2022
Simon Luke

Education and dark money: Why independent schools need anti-money laundering

Following the events of the last year, there has been a significant focus on the dirty money that is circulating in the UK. Institutions of all kinds – including prestigious law firms and high profile...

11 Oct 2022
Steve Morgan

Fighting financial crime in 2022

A big topic for this Sibos (and most past ones too) is how to stamp out financial crime without disrupting or degrading high quality service experiences for the vast majority of honest (and very impo...

06 Oct 2022
Jason Grasso

Event Driven Know Your Customer Reviews….Yes it is Inevitable

In talking with clients about their strategy around perpetual or event based know your customer (“KYC”) risk approaches there are two different groups: firms that have started implementing an event b...

20 Sep 2022

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