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Banks can’t predict user behavior with absolute certainty, but they can help frame their financial decisions by understanding how choices are made, and designing solutions around them. This group is for all things behavioral economics in the banking industry.

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Domile And

Investing: DIY or Trust Others?

Retail investors face long odds in the capital markets against well-informed, sophisticated, and specialised financial institutions. Based on the analysis performed by finance magnates it appears that...

21 Jun 2019
Mike O'Keeffe

Why the financial sector must lead the fight against climate change

The financial system has now recognised that global warming is a financial stability risk According to the World Meteorological Organization, record greenhouse gas levels are driving temperatures to ...

07 Jun 2019
Howard Edelstein

The Problem with Your Password? Everything.

The password management service SplashData made a splash this past December when it posted its list of the 25 worst passwords of 2018. For the fifth year in a row, “123456” and “password” ranked first...

26 Feb 2019
Shailendra Malik

Understanding the New Customers - Millennials

Age plays an interesting variation in the workplace. We really are entering the golden age of Information technology as a profession where the first generation of the popular mainframes system is now ...

06 Jan 2019
Retired Member

How does AI-based credit scoring fare against traditional credit scoring?

"A neural network more closely mimics the way humans think and reason, whereas linear models are more dogmatic — you’re imposing structure on data as opposed to letting the data talk to you."...

27 Nov 2018
Miriam Ballesteros González

Behavioral Economics is the Key to User Engagement in Banking: An Interview With Jeff Kreisler

The science behind behavioral economics confirms that people make wholly irrational decisions. In the finance world, identifying which emotions come into play when people make the financial choices th...

23 Oct 2018