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Henry Hilska

KYC: Solving the Regulatory Challenges of Data Privacy

Data Privacy regulations increase challenges for bank KYC and AML programs Financial services organizations are under increasing pressure from regulators to focus on KYC and client due diligence. Thi...

02 Dec 2016
Financial Services Regulation
Dharmesh Mistry

The future of UX in Banking

Virtual reality, voice recognition, artificial intelligence, augmented reality: these are the technologies that are set to change the way we interact with each other and in business. They are the way ...

01 Dec 2016
Dharmesh Mistry

Solving The Legacy System Problem For Big Banks.Is there a solution?

Despite the considerable risk involved in removing legacy systems, not all big banks are hesitant to attempt to combat the problem, including NAB. Yet NAB’s implementation of a new core banking platfo...

01 Dec 2016
Dharmesh Mistry

Will Industry Progress and Innovation Be The Downfall Of Big Bank

Part 2 of "Are banks too big to scale" While changes in payments trends from consumers are placing increasing strain upon large, traditional bank systems, they aren’t the only force altering...

01 Dec 2016
Dharmesh Mistry

Are banks too big to SCALE? Who's to blame

The ever-increasing size of traditional, long-standing banks has been a fascinating point of discussion for many years now, with the possible problems arising from banks being “too big” having far rea...

01 Dec 2016
Konstantin Rabin

Banking Data For Third Parties

Money is not the only thing banks store in their premises. The other valuables are counted in bytes — or even petabytes, i.e. client data. Everything about customers, from their personal information t...

29 Nov 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Alex Kreger

Banking UX Design Challenges and Opportunities in 2017

User Experience (UX) in banking is about human feelings, impressions and behaviours while using banking digital interfaces. For my UXDA agency the aim of banking UX engineering is to create financial ...

29 Nov 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Technology at the heart of new lending models

The short to medium term lending market is diverse, comprising customers entering the credit market for the first time as well as those re-entering. The first-timers often include students or migran...

23 Nov 2016
Retired Member

Is there really any alternative to a mobile digital engagement strategy?

Mobile banking apps are used more than 7,610 times per minute according to research by BBA As Bill Gates famously said: “Banking is essential, banks are not.” According to research by BBA and Statist...

22 Nov 2016
Richard Broadbent

Customer service for the technology obsessed

Digital technologies have been driving the evolution of customer service over the last few years and this is rapidly changing the way financial organisations, and their customers, think about customer...

17 Nov 2016
Raj Singh


BANKS - AN INFORMATION AND DATA ANALYTICS HUB Banks are storing valuable customer data since decades but they have never harnessed the same. The data which is lying in every bank is nothing less tha...

15 Nov 2016
Graham Seel

Squeezed Interest Margins - Incentive for Innovation

Because of increasing competition, and low interest rates, net interest income is going down. This isn’t what our shareholders and members want. But what can we do about it? In a previous post, I lis...

09 Nov 2016
Innovation in Financial Services